Prism Recap: Glass Animals @ Revolution Live

December 9, 2015admin

Over a year ago, Glass Animals crawled their way into my deserted island of musical obsessions left uninhabited for years. It had been a while since I discovered a sound so all-encompassing, so rich with texture, so wildly addictive. Like any middle school crush, there quickly rushed in hours upon hours of daydreams, overwhelming scenarios on how I’d catch them live and be revitalized with sonic love. I learned every word, every nuance, every velvet-y crevice of Dave Bayley’s swoom-worthy voice.


Fast forward to last night and let’s just say “excited” was an understatement as I strolled ever-so-cooly (but not really) into Revolution Live, strutting to the beat of Gilligan Moss’ opening set. They were bumpy and upbeat, electronic to the core. A perfect dance party sound to keep the crowd’s spirits up inside a theater packed like sardines. On one hand, you’re happy when one of your favorite bands sells out a show, but on the other hand, it was almost unbearable to breathe– making the House-heavy opening set a bit out of place without ample room to two-step.

The fog rolled in, the lights aglow, Glass Animals’ self-named jungle backdrop flowing in anticipation. The Brits pranced onstage and the house seemed to become twice as crammed with the rush of excitement. They opened with “Walla Walla” and immediately the magic of their hit debut album, ZABA was tangible. Light-footed and wildly crazy, they seemed like energetic wood elves as they transitioned into “Hazey” with an intro of funky foundations.


I wish I could say the show met every expectation and more, but unfortunately it fell short. The truth is, there’s no one to blame. The band sounded great because their music is so lovable, but the over-packed and talkative crowd paired with the sweaty theater stunted the sound projection, leaving my connection to the music lacking. A sound so layered and atmospheric as Glass Animals deserves to be performed in an open space, an amphitheater even, that allows the notes to travel to far away places before they inevitably land.


That being said, I still sang along to every word of “Black Mambo,” “Exxus,” “Flip,” and of course their now famous: “Gooey.” I raged hard when Bayley climbed his way towards the crowd and became lost among a sea of tentacles and glowing cellphones. I fangirl-ed proudly when they gushed about Florida, and I was heartbroken when they mentioned this would be their last headlining tour before recording their new album. I’ll most definitely jump to buy tickets to their next performance, but let’s hope it’s at a spacious outdoor venue, with the right amount of room to let out, dare I say it, your inner animal.

Photos by: Stefan Bojilov