The Wynwood Yard: Grounds for Possibilities

October 21, 2015admin

Ideas are brewing all over town, start-ups are blending technology and creativity, people are working together instead of against each other and the Miami scene is booming. Della Heiman has jumped on the innovative wagon by taking charge and coming up with quite a compelling concept: The Wynwood Yard, which will open this November on the corner of 70 NW 29th Street. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the newest location to  foster up and coming entrepreneurs looking to beta test their ideas is just that. The possibilities that The Wynwood Yard is offering to not only impresarios, but also the community as a whole. Heiman and her team have decidedly established an environment for locals that will cater to a variety of individuals and details that:“This is the kind of space where you can engage in activities all day -from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m.”

The Wynwood Yard is designed to be a safe haven from Miami’s extremes and it clearly promotes a healthy way of life. You can begin the day by clearing your mind with a yoga session or sleep in till lunch and taste Della Test Kitchen Food Truck’s “healthy bowls of happy” or let New York natives Myumi take center stage with their famous omakase sushi. You can even nurture the botanist in you by picking up a plow planting some seeds -whether they are creative or organic is up to you. Maybe just visit the venue to explore business opportunities for survival or even end a long day with late night beats paired with a healthy dose of fermented grape juice to let it all go. The new local has all of the characteristics of a postmodern, free flowing atmosphere that will surely give birth to many exciting projects.

Not only will visitors enjoy all of said facilities, but it’s meant for savvy creatives looking to pitch ideas and concepts. It’s a space to gather, participate, exchange and build. If it works out, then this is just another step forward in the cultivation of South Florida and the establishment of a truly united community that embraces the ideals of alliance and opportunity.

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The focal point of The Wynwood Yard will be a Wyn-Box, a one room all inclusive moveable home, which is revolutionizing housing and relocation around the world. American societies are finally undergoing a very dynamic and intense series of changes and developments centered around our impact on future generations in mind. People are becoming more conscientious about their health, the environment and a sustainable future. The Wywood Yard accordingly promotes further exploration of said concerns by supplying locals with an environment suggestive of what is to come.

The Wynwood Yard is undisputedly a utopian bubble that aims to promote collaboration and provides locals with a chance to transform their ideas into reality. If you’ve been looking to create an event, have the next best thing in mind or would like to get your wheels out there submit a proposal here. There is still space for two more culinary pop-up concepts and all ideas are welcome. Remember this is about our community and we can’t wait to see it and your ideas flourish.