III Points Festival: 5 Local Acts You Can’t Miss

October 8, 2015admin

All hail October, the holiday season has begun! No, not Halloween (although you might have noticed a few dozen stores announcing costumes that started popping up mid September) I am talking about our very own South Floridian end of the year art and culture extravaganzas, kicking off with the one and only III Points Festival, to be closely followed by a charade of events in preparation for, drumroll please, Art Basel.

But first III Points!!! Yes, fall is here, the temperatures are bearable, some might have even pulled out their fall gear: flannel and chancletas, of course, and we are all ready for an exorbitant three days of creatives challenging conventions through music, installations, grub, a little bit of this and a little bit of that but a whole lot of local talent. It’s an adult Disney for the festival freak in all of us. If you’re not quite sure what shows to check out or who is who and what is what, we’ve kindly taken a listen and put together a short list of Miami-bread artists you can’t miss. You’re welcome.

Plastic PinksThe name of the band does justice to the hype that can be heard in the blend that five guys with a myriad of instruments and killer vocals can produce. Something close to garage rock, punk, surf and a dash of teasing exclamations that make you want to dance. Their sound is sincere buffoonery in both English & Spanish accompanied by boisterous lyrics that are just right to get the party started. Our favorite picks: “Toe Trippin” & “Ella Me Mira.”

Krisp-For more of an electronic vein not withholding lyrics, Krisp is exactly that: a crisp sound similar to the likes of MGMT or LCD Soundsystem, a band for which they have already opened. Easy dancing, up beat, heart pumping sound for the rhythmically inclined, booty shaking scoundrel in you. Our favorite picks: “Mamani Vice.”

Deaf Poets-Those of you looking to rock out, Sean Wouters and Nicolas Espinosa, Miami Beach locals, are gracing us with garage band tunes that you can mosh, head bang or even sway your lighter back and forth to. The instrumentals display a knack for melody that isn’t over worked. Witty, effortless and kinky rock to dust off a week full of bad Miami drivers to. Our favorite pick: “Little Red Wagon” & “Cold Cold Thieves”

Ketch ShubyCatchy tunes belted out with a kick of funky soul that reaches you deep in the bone. You know, that sound that will make you snap your fingers and sway your hips. Self described as “music for our city” they produce a lovely melange of genres challenging to categorize but extremely easy to enjoy. A second listen will allow the auditor to appreciate hints of Afrobeat and Reggae muddled in with a classic sound that’s undeniably enchanting. Our favorite picks: “Tiny Vices” and “Killer”


KazootsThe Afro, Indie Rock ensemble features Jayan Bertrand’s sexy guitar solos that channel wind-like melodies accompanied by Inez Barlatier, a vocalist guaranteed to produce goosebumps. Their drummer, Gace Norwood completes a trio of Miami locals from Haitian decent with a certain finesse that ensures a mesmerizing experience. Take a look at this mini documentary that details their music, journey and amazingness.

It was a tough list to narrow down simply because of the overwhelming talent nestling in our little sinking ship (Virgo, Psychic Mirrors, Dude Skywalker oh my!). Surely III Points has unlimited possibilities and you might find yourself in a hurry to see everything possible. Do not stress Miami, when you find yourself in a panic go check out Bedside  for chill instrumentals, Kodiak Fur for some trippy psychedelic down time or Bakery for the brownie lovers out there. Make sure to check out our live coverage and enjoy! Hope to see you there.

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