#PrismPicks: Pablo Picasso at The Bakehouse Art Complex

October 6, 2015admin

For 30 years, The Bakehouse Art Complex has been sitting humbly as one of the city’s most empowering creative incubators, boasting over 50 resident artists in studio spaces across the transformed bakery yard on a daily basis. Some of the world’s most influential artists have graced their gallery walls, while simultaneously propelling their local craftsmen and women onto the hard-fought art scene with incomparable ease.


Long before Wynwood became known as “that place that has art walks on Saturdays,” BAC has used every medium imaginable to magnify art and culture in Miami. Today, it serves as a centrifugal creative force drawing artists, collectors, and avid fans alike through original exhibitions and initiatives. This October, The Bakehouse Art Complex is embarking on its most gargantuan mission yet: their biggest exhibition in Bakehouse history.

The Bakehouse Art Complex will unveil the Miami debut of Pablo Picasso’s landmark “La Tauromaquia” exhbition, courtesy of Bank of America’s Art in Our Communities Program. The exhibit will be on-view at the Bakehouse’s Audrey Love Gallery from October 15th – 28th in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. It will feature a series of 26 aquaprint etchings that capture the passion and illustrious movement behind what was once the most important theme in Catalan culture: the art of the bullfight.


In 1957, the Barcelona-based publishing house Gustavo Gili commissioned Pablo Picasso to illustrate century book, La Tauromaquia o arte de torear (Tauromachy or the Art of Bullfighting), by the 18th José Delgado, known colloquially as “Pepe Illo.” Using a technique otherwise unfamiliar to him, he was able to accurately depict different moments within a bullfight, escalating to the inevitable conquering of the bull. Each etching evokes the tension, action, and choreography of the bullring with every brushstroke. The work was dedicated to the professional matadors, to all those who appreciate the mastery behind bullfighting, and to every detail that transforms the sport into an art.


The opening reception for this creative feat will take place on Friday, October 16th from 7PM – 10PM and will be a night every bit as wild as Barcelona itself. Take a closer look at the stories behind each etching with intimate tours of the exhibition, sway to the rhythm of Flamenco guitar with tunes by acclaimed Spanish rocker, Javier Garcia, and enjoy a robust Rioja as you nibble on Spanish tapas all night long. Make sure to purchase your tickets here, remember that all proceeds benefit the Bakehouse Art Complex.