Current Obsession: Glass Animals

September 22, 2015admin

Everyone has those artists or songs that they know will immediately be a hit at any party or amongst any group of friends. Those go-to tracks as a DJ that are instant jams, whose music you swell with pride to know you discovered first. Over a year ago, I stumbled half accidentally and half because Pandora thought I’d like the choice, upon the sounds of Glass Animals. Since then, their album, ZABA has single-handedly seen over 1K plays on my phone, from start to finish. Yes, interludes and all. That’s a lot when you have to compete with the likes of Snarky Puppy, Chet Faker, and D’Angelo on shuffle.

For us here at Prism, Glass Animals has taken the musical cake month after month, their music never failing to pop up on personal playlists or office soundtracks every day. They’re dark and billowing like an ominous storm, filled to the brim with impeccable talent that washes over you through theatrical crescendos in each of their tracks. Their music blends styles and instruments like an overgrown forest of sound where every song, every lyric, every note has a distinct texture, creating a piece of music that comes alive deep within you, a multi-sensory experience that is nothing short of animalistic. Go figure.

Biggest hit: “Gooey”

Look at the names of their songs: “Gooey”…”Hazey”…”Black Mambo”…”Pools”…all describing states of mind or enveloping moments in time that encapsulate every form of nature, even the most deadly. Glass Animals has a refreshing sound that is incomparable to anything that came before it; individually cut from its predecessors, seemingly created in some petri dish by a mad scientist or cooked up in a fire with some dark magic thrown in. They’re unplaceable because they belong everywhere: between the tall reeds of grass in the Serengeti, incognito under coral reefs, a rain drop about to fall, or under the feet of sweat-stained dancers at one of their sold-out concerts. A menagerie of auditory bliss.

I’m only attempting to paint some pictures for you to pay homage to the artistry created within their music. Okay, I’ll stop. But I guarantee you won’t want them to when you catch them live at Revolution Live on December 8th — When we say that this is a can’t-miss show, we mean you might as well turn around and walk away if you’re not making this performance a top priority in your life. Don’t tell us that live music is dying in South Florida when sonic behemoths like Glass Animals are coming here to bring it back to life. Buy your tickets meow.

Pola’s Favorite: “Toes”