#PrismPicks: Nu Deco Ensemble Season One

September 17, 2015admin

Call it a new era, call it Mercury in retrograde, but Miami is going through a seriously incredible cultural renaissance right now, and you’re here to witness it. Take a deep breath. Do you smell it? The scent of shifting ideologies and a thirst for creative communities? Now more than ever, our city is a ripe platform for visionaries expressing their remarkable gifts to a (not so surprisingly) receptive and open-hearted crowd.

When it comes to local music, “diverse” has now become a hyperbolic understatement. Miami’s music scene in flooded with so many representative sounds that entirely unthought-of fusions are being created as we speak; and on September 26th, you’ll be able to witness it for yourself. If you haven’t heard of Nu Deco Ensemble, grab a Q-tip, clear your ears, and get ready for something awesome. And we literally mean something full of awe.

The modern-age symphony is a Knight Foundation fellow whose entire existence is dependent upon contributions to help launch their educational programming and innovative concert experiences. Their founders have performed around the globe and in countless orchestras, honing their talents at Juilliard, The Royal Academy of Music in London, and the University of Miami.

So why are they so special, you ask? Working in conjunction with local musicians, composers, DJs, dancers, visual and media artists, Nu Deco Ensemble creates a new hybrid of compelling musical and multi-media experiences. They’ve collaborated with Afrobeta for an orchestrated party, and their orchestral arrangement of Daft Punk sounds just as spectacular as it reads. It’s more than just your average symphony, it’s a constellation of musical skills gathered under one supernova of sound.

On September 26th, Nu Deco Ensemble is unveiling their season with “Concert One” with an energizing performance at Wynwood’s own Light Box at Goldman Warehouse, their residency home. Experience some of today’s most electrifying composers, with the music of Clint Needham, Marc Mellits, Marcos Balter, and Greg Simon. The concert will also feature a new piece by co-founder, Sam Hyken based on the music LCD Soundsystem plus, a special collaboration with local starlet, Brika.

The night’s magic doesn’t just stop at unbelievable music, guests on Saturday will be treated to complimentary drinks all evening, and an afterparty featuring bites provided by STK Miami and a performance by Miami synth-pop duo, Eons. Believe us, investing in this revolutionary performance will become one of the best nights of the year. So make sure to purchase tickets here and get those heels ready.


Photo by: Southern Land Films / Monica McGivern Photography