#PressPlay: Brendan O’Hara’s “Bad Habits”

September 4, 2015admin

The city’s resident voice in all things looped Blues, Brendan O’Hara, has been slowly teasing our ears with hints at new releases on the path to his latest album unveiling, Late Night Radio. By now you should know that we’re more than giddy to present the album release celebration at The Annex on Oct 2nd, but we’re also fangirling hard over his new lyric video for the Hip-Hop strung, “Bad Habits”.

Like the many multi-cultural citizens of Miami, O’Hara blends the sounds of multiple genres and eras in time, to create a distinct cocktail of music that only he can master. It’s Friday so let’s start the long weekend off with something as strong as it is sexy…just like a good whiskey sour.

You can also end your weekend with the Brendan Man: he’ll be hitting the stage at Ball & Chain’s Music Festival on Sunday along with Suenalo, Spam Allstars, The Politix and so many more of your favorite artists!