Mini Recap: Seven Lions @ Grand Central

September 1, 2015admin

The Fall concert season has begun ladies and gents!

Following Day Wave’s intimate performance at the Soho Beach House (and feeling very underdressed), I Ubered to Grand Central to watch Seven Lions perform to an ecstatic crowd.

My meeting experience with Jeff, the man behind Seven Lions, was unforgettable. While minding my own business, testing out the camera settings, more and more photographers began to arrive. It was intimidating watching them barge in with their telescope lens while I was chilling with my little iPhone and Nikon. I was sitting on the couch, trying to adjust the settings on my camera during the opening act Aryay. I was overly pissed. I had to manually delete 300 plus photos, praying that I capture just one decent photo due to the lighting. There was a new kid named Shawn that took videos of the concert. Shoot, even though he was new, he was skilled af. Sean taught me the camera settings, since it was dark. So shout out to you, Sean. Jeff Montalvo was sitting right next to me, casually on his phone. I professionally reacted as I learned in the music industry not to be a groupie, and kept calm (fangirling inside of course). Keep it cool Stefan, keep it cool.

Okay so the best part, the actual stage. The view was so vibrant with the screen behind him flashing colors of blues and reds and purples, the hardest colors to photograph. The effects made JM (we cool like that so I call him that) look like a silhouette. The graphics triggered me to feel the vibe of the stars and mountains to the point that it almost scared me. It seemed as if the album cover was coming alive right in front of my eyes.

Once Jeff walked on stage, there wasn’t that much of reaction from the crowd because his hair was in a ponytail. Once he flung it out, the crowd went wild. I watched a guy get kicked out for being aggressive, just to get to the front. It warmed my heart to see how pumped the crowd was to see him. Fans even asked me to take photos of them for them. If you do not know, the majority of his songs do not have lyrics. But when he performed his song, “Falling Away” featuring LIGHTS, these dedicated fans knew every word.

I, as a photographer, was wowed. But the most shocking thing was the fact at how amazed Jeff was. He told the crowd that he didn’t expect Miami to be this pumped and gave them a special shout out for their craziness at 3 AM. Sadly I left an hour early because I still have the life of a college student and had to Uber back to campus. You want to know how insane the concert, was? I couldn’t hear because the bass was so loud and so intimately close to the one and only. And that’s when you know sometimes lack of sleep is worth it.