Press Play: Brendan O’Hara

August 19, 2015admin

Music, in its purest form, transcends time where sound connects the past to the future as you jam in the present. It’s a pretty wonderful thing when a certain song can embody a specific memory or a modern musician can sculpt their life’s inspirations into something entirely unique today. When you sit back and listen to Brendan O’Hara, you forget about the modern technology streaming his songs and think only of the passionate storytellers jettisoned to musical royalty, seeing a bright future for the local badass.

Like rings of smoke in a dimly-lit saloon, Brendan’s music curls as it rises, twisting from genre to genre until it fills the entire room. Heads bob to looped beats, hips sway to Blues guitar riffs, and hearts soar at the uttering of profound lyrics…all in the course of a single verse. Brendan O’Hara is a musical catalogue personified: Hip-Hop, Rock, R&B, and a whole lot of Soul at every turn. Just like his trademark loops, he seems to be an entire ensemble amassed under one highly talented roof.

The great thing about this powerhouse being local is that we get to listen to him whenever we want. Even better? His latest album, Late Night Radio drops on October 2nd and he’s throwing the city’s greatest jam in its honor. It’s all happening at The Annex from 8-12pm and we’ll be there making sure the party goes down as smooth as the singer it celebrates. RSVP to that shindig here, but for now, have a little taste of what’s to come: