Call to Music passion project

August 11, 2015admin

Arguably speaking, the music scene hasn’t witnessed a colossal movement since the 90’s, or maybe it has, it just doesn’t compare. I’m still stuck in a decade that brought us The Fugees, The Beastie Boys, Radiohead and oh so much more! Besides the fusion of genres and the rise of the bipolar electronic scene, pop derivative musicians have dominated the industry. Since hip-hop, which later fused into rap, and grunge appeared there haven’t been any collective or praise worthy movements– performers have been waiting for the revitalization of music. With self production, music programs that virtually supply the solo artists with an entire band and the copious amounts of talent pouring out of the seams of the Internet, the industry is more of a jungle than it ever was and artists rarely get legitimate opportunities to play their tunes live.

In the wilderness that is not exactly just fun and games, there is prodigious music being made left and right, yet there isn’t truly a binding link between musicians. It’s every man for himself. Prism is convinced that Miami just so happens to be fertile ground for a rhythmic revolution, which is partially why Call to Music came to fruition, a passion project that is finally being unraveled. So, what is Call to Music you ask?


Imagine the expansion of the Miami art scene into harmony. We want to procure a cultural domino effect from art to music and beyond. We’re talking about native talent headlining local venues and breaking shows out of the background music staple and into a trailblazing stage for musicians on the lookout for opportunities. That’s what our Call to Music represents: an open call to Miami-based musicians to uplift the local, emerging music scene. Accordingly, we’ve teamed up with Rock the Moon Productions, and Jack Daniels to make this happen. What does that mean? It trickles down to three days of unprecedented collaborations between local musicians and yours truly.

From September 8th-10th, the cameras will be rolling at Sidebar while local musicians strut their skills alongside a fusion of genres, covers and soul. Three days of intimate performances, with a Happy Hour hosted by Woo Supreme on the 10th. He’ll be unveiling another creative initiative: Miami Music Portraits as he and his band of merry photographers capture the best of the best local musicians. On that last day, you’ll all be invited to celebrate Miami music with a live performance by bands like Locos Por Juana, ArtOfficial, and more.


The goal is to link our homebred talent with familiar individuals, maybe have them collaborate and definitely set them up with demoes that they can put to further use in order to intensify their career. In a nutshell, alongside our partners we want to offer musicians the possibility to challenge themselves and the way that music is approached, listened to and peddled in the city.

We simply believe in the power of sound to unite and are eager to document the scene. We’re thinking that years from now some Z generation blogger will be pull up Call to Music and the integration of the local Miami scene, cruise through the development of an inspired project headed by music aficionados, see its results, and write incendiary things about it. In the end, we might be the producers, but these artists are bigger than us. They are Miami and they will define our sound for years to come.


Photos by: Jason Koerner and Alex McKenzie