Ditch the Mall: Miami Flea is Here

August 6, 2015admin

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Miami is known for its nightlife, sandy beaches, an international scene rarely encountered elsewhere, oh and you can’t forget the cafecitos. With that being said, Miami locals know that we have so much more to offer. In the past decade South Florida’s creative talent has stolen the spotlight and is becoming internationally recognized for its artistic culture. The Arts + Entertainment District has invested time and energy in being a part of this expansion and bringing never before seen events to the swampland so that Miamians don’t have to flock to New York, Chicago or L.A. in order to bask in unprecedented community events. Consequently, they bring you the Miami Flea, an intoxicating occasion to mingle with locals and purchase repurposed and handmade goods.

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But, this isn’t going to be your average flea market, mainly because the vendor selection is sure to surpass all of your expectations. If you’re searching for handmade goods, specialty items, rustic furniture, vintage cameras, books, yoga wear, food trucks galore and lost treasures waiting to be found, they’ve organized the market you’ve all been waiting for. Even if Miami flea markets such as the Opa Locka Market, Tropicana, Redland Flea or Discount US1 are amusing venues to visit, they’re either a road trip away or their enormity doesn’t exactly cater to the tight knit vibe we’ll be providing on August 16th at Canvas.

Connoisseurs know that a true flea market isn’t just a simple exchange of currency for product, it’s an experience that lures you in and guides you on a journey across countries, in time, through generations and promotes genuine interactions. That’s all thanks to the fact that each piece holds a history, whether it is a mysterious previous owner or a dedicated designer, flea markets are the mecca for novelty pieces with a story to tell.

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To this day I hold very vivid memories of my first item purchased at the Portobello Market in London. It was a silver ring featuring three turquoise stones that an elder lady who has been setting up shop on the very corner of Elgin Crescent since the fall of the Second World War sold me. She detailed that the ring had belonged to a cabaret dancer who was recently deceased. I am not sure whether she fabricated the story or not, but I bought the ring and wear it as if hit holds a precious secret. That’s the genuine charm behind a flea market; it’s a bazaar that promotes imagination, magic and interaction bundled into a Sunday afternoon.

This form of exchange has existed since ancient civilizations especially in China and India, but has been recreated in cities all over the world. The better-known or Western version was founded in the 18th Century in Paris as the famous “Marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen de Clignancourt” where exiles from the slums gathered to exchange goods. The term flea market derives from, the French “puces”, which refers to those blood-sucking creatures that we all detest. This form of trade eventually made its way to New York as the Fly Market and now exists all over the country.


Today the flea market is a refreshing escape from the brand name chains that are distributed all around the country, yes those stores that bombard you in every shopping mall and promote branding by separating their consumers into categories. On the contrary, Miami Flea’s vendors will all cater to the desire for singular pieces. They’ll appeal to the mom and pop store enthusiast that is familiar with the gratifying feeling of owning unique articles. Those articles you know were made with love and aren’t accompanied by hidden distress signals from exploited factory workers on its tags.


A+E’s very own “Marche aux puces” promises to be a literal bloodsucker that will leave you with lust for more and with any luck become a staple stop on their monthly calendar. This is the place where you will find the curiosities you’ve always dreamed of having, but didn’t know where to get. I don’t know about you but I am on the hunt for a Rolleiflex camera. So ditch the mall, grab a date and head out to Canvas and be a part of the first of what will hopefully become many a Miami Flea. Don’t forget your bug spray.

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