Julieta Venegas on the Right Path

July 31, 2015admin

The Mexican composer Julieta Venegas graced Miami with an intimate performance showcasing a few solo hits from her new album Algo Sucede (Something happens) at the Flamingo Theater, on the 29th.

Moments before the concert we were able to exchange a few words with the enthusiastic musician who mentioned her excitement for the show to come, which took place in an intimate spot but was also available to the whole world via live streaming. She mentioned particular admiration for the advantages that today’s technology offers musicians, pinpointing the occasion to play for a local crowd, yet for the show to also be directly available to the masses. She especially demonstrated anticipation to perform for the Miami crowd which she identifies as fun and energetic.


Her overall attitude has an inevitable positive charge to it; much like her music, her voice is soothing and amiable. She tackled politically charged questions with candid honesty referring to her position as a female in the music industry as none other than that of being a female in the world, not as a disadvantage or the opposite, but a reality in which she claims to have been extremely fortunate. Nevertheless it’s her congruency with music that halts her from dwelling on being a woman and simply being herself, even if, as she mentioned, we live in a chauvinist world. Speaking of which, the inevitable Donald Trump was brought up by one of the reporters to which she simply replied that he is a comical character that will be scrutinized on end, but that his presidential candidacy and poll popularity is worrisome.

As for the music, “Buenas Noches, Desolación” or “Good Night, Bleakness” one of the singles from her new album is not only an homage to Mexico City, but also an emblem to Julieta as an artist that puts dark issues to rest through cheerful, upbeat melodic tunes. When asked about her big move to Mexico City in the 90’s she mentioned it as iconic and one of the craziest decisions in her life. Looking back more than 20 years later she felt she owed Mexico a tribute, saying that after living in a city for so long you ask yourself “what is this place?”

Venegas recently filmed the video to “Buenas Noches, Desolación” in Mexico City with “a lovely crew”. The shooting allowed her to recognize what a beautiful and yet hectic city it is; a place where its inhabitants have a love-hate relationship in which they think “ay, Mexico” (in an anxious tone) and “ay, Mexico” (in a romantic tone). Julieta said it’s simply a city that when you leave it you immediately begin to miss it. That bipolar relationship is one that comes with the territory and to which she bids the bleakness to rest by putting it to bed in “Buenas Noches, Desolación” and highlights the buoyant and breathtaking parts of the beast that is Mexico City.


In spite of tough political issues, uproar surrounding the disappeared students from Ayotzinapa last year and her youth on the bloody border of Tijuana, Julieta maintains an optimistic attitude and projects admirable radiance. Her new album is without a doubt a musical rendition to the way in which she chooses to approach her existence. She personally defines Algo Sucede as a celebration of life that was inspired by childhood and the walks of life, something quite graspable in “Ese Camino” (That road).

Julieta is a self-declared ferocious reader that often unearths inspiration in the books and poems that she is reading as well as in art and her personal curiosity. She describes each album as a phase in her life that has evolved parallel to her personal fruition. This phase is without a doubt, one worth acknowledging. Check out her single “Ese Camino” for yourself and look out for the album release on August 14th.