#PressPlay: Bahari

July 28, 2015admin

Influenced by both The Staves and Fleetwood Mac, Interscope’s newest addition Bahari, is about to become a similarly powerful household name. The band is composed of Sidney Sartini, Ruby Carr, and Natalia Panzarella, all straight from Manhattan Beach. The three girls came together, recorded more than thirty songs, signed a music contract with Interscope Records (who are responsible for unknowns like Carly Rae Jepsen, Imagine Dragons, Ellie Goulding, to name a few) and even got into the studio with Selena Gomez herself. All in a matter of months.

On December 30th, 2014, the Bahari ladies released their first single, “Wild Ones” and gained attention around the world, reaching far off lands all the way to Kenya. It’s kind of difficult (and even a tad strange) for me to explain this but when I first heard the song I pictured the girls in the middle of an African plain swaying back-and-forth with their instruments and soothing voices. Future music video idea? Press Play below. No seriously, listen to this song and be prepared to be blown away.

Don’t let their soothing voices fool you. Besides their current and only single, Bahari is also featured on Zedd’s song “Addicted to Memory” featured off of his latest album True Colors. So maybe that’s how they may sound familiar to some of you. Definitely a different pulse than “Wilds Ones” sound but glad to see the girls are going across genres to gather a proper sonic base. Check out their chameleon voices with Zedd below: