#PrismPicks: WhoMadeWho @ Grand Central 9/3

July 23, 2015admin

Sad to say it, but we’re already half way through Summer. Before you know it, the kids will be going back to school, the birds will flock back to their homes, and fish will start swimming upstream. However, the Miami music scene will continue to flourish and bring in incredible musicians so I hope you spent these months of freedom using that Discover tab on your Spotify account to stumble upon new artists. If you’re not already familiar with WhoMadeWho, definitely check them out before they hit Grand Central Miami this September.

These indie-rockers from Denmark are no joke. Compared to big-name international acts like Daft Punk, Soulwax, Hot Chip, and Justice, this experimental pop trio is bound to get you groovin. WhoMadeWho is composed of jazz guitarist Jeppe Kjellberg, drummer Tomas Barford, and singer/bassist Tomas Hoffding. Don’t let their unique names fool you; when put together, these three throw down an awesome show full of poppy beats, sick visuals, and crazy energy! From headlining the Spanish Beincassim Festival to playing at Festival of Sanremo in Italy, these three know how to get a crowd going and we are psyched to see them perform here in our very own tropical jungle.

Check out my favorite song of theirs below:

Wait but that’s not all! Moscow band, Pompeya, and local superheroes, KRISP will be joining this trio at their show on September. Hell yeah! Okay you might be asking “Who in the world is Pompeya and why is the other band named after a texture?” Well I’m here to satisfy your curiosity. Pompeya is known for their unique spin on pop and new wave music that infuses every beat with a disco flow. With their hit singles, “Tropical” and “Foursome” this band is so focused on growing Moscow’s electronic indie culture. Definitely a good fit to play alongside our boys from Denmark. And last but not least, if you’re from Maimi there’s already a good chance you know who KRISP are. Opening for acts such as Nancy Wang, Miami Horror, Holy Ghost!, and even playing at the Arts + Entertainment District’s Lazy Brunch BBQ a few months ago, KRISP is going to be a killer opening act for WhoMadeWho.

Can September 3rd hurry up already?!?

Buy those tickets now, and keep your eyes peeled for some sick giveaways up our sleeves.