Flume @ Grand Central: A Photo Recap

June 18, 2015admin

For two sweaty and sold out nights, the Australian wunderkind known as Flume lit up the Downtown venue, intensifying the Future Classic sound a millionfold. Age was but a number, getting lost in the colorful crowd as flocks of his biggest local fans unified under the rhythms of his climaxes and drops. He played well-known remixes and original tunes, meshed with new sounds peppered by tricks rolling out of his sleeves.

Both shows were complete successes, receiving positive vibes from everyone in attendance (and even those living vicariously through the lives of their lucky friends) and single-handedly bringing the mid-week slump up to a comfortable good time. As always, the team at Poplife really knows how to pick ’em. Take a peek at our photo gallery shot by our talented contributors: Roxana Moure and Stefan Bojilov.

Happy Thursday, y’all.