#PressPlay: Made in Heights

May 26, 2015admin

The familiar ominous feeling of reality is quickly settling in, as it always does, after an eventful long weekend and it seems the work week is already infinite. What’s the only cure to get us through to the weekend? Music. Good music. We need something catchy, oozing with seduction and flowing with a dark undercurrent that you can’t quite put a finger on. So that’s where Made in Heights steps in.

The duo consists of two revolving parts: Kelsey Bulkin and Alexei “Sabzi” Saba. The first has generated buzz with her soft yet decisive vocals, finding collaborations with some of the scene’s classiest underground producers. The latter is a successful (and humble) alternative hip hop producer who has leant his skills to multiple side projects, including a co-produced album with Das Racist. We can’t begin to express how talented these two musical souls are, and when paired together they acts as shining catalysts, propelling each other’s greatest assets into the world of common knowledge.

With a delicious amount of hi-hats and other percussive notes, dance is incited at every drop. Like a fine wine and a creamy cheese, heavy beats always pair well with light, fluttering vocals — no matter the lyrical subject. Each of Made in Height’s tracks will have you bouncing almost immediately, smile on your face as addictive as the music you’re jamming to. Here’s a collection of our favorite tracks, have yourself a listen and give into today: