Recap: Mat Kearney @ Revolution Live

May 9, 2015admin

Not really sure where to begin but yesterday I sprained my ankle walking across the street on my way home from work but I didn’t think it was anything serious so I just walked it off. Fast-forward three hours later when I’m waiting to get inside the venue and my entire ankle starts swelling up and hurting really badly. I knew that I would be in pain the entire night but I decided to just push through it because I was not about to miss Mat Kearney for the second time (I missed him at his Boca show a few years ago).

After claiming my spot on the barricade, I took my shoe off and sat down to ice my ankle. The opening act, Judah And The Lion, started to play shortly after and I pretty much just enjoyed their set from the floor while everyone was singing along. That didn’t stop me though, they played a full set of great tracks, both old and new, charming the audience as they got deeper and deeper into their musical world.

Mat finally took the stage and I immediately rose from the floor. He opened up the show with “Heartbreak Dreamers” from his new album, Just Kids. This is one of my favorite songs from the new album and while singing along, I began to forget all the pain that I was experiencing. Throughout the night he played hits like “Hey Mama”, “Runaway”, “Billion”, and even a unique rendition of “Uptown Funk” with opening act Judah And The Lion. After singing “Uptown Funk”, Kearney hopped off the stage and up onto the barricade right in front of me. He grabbed my phone, took a few crazy selfies, and then jumped into the crowd. Everyone went wild! He walked around the entire pit, around the bar, and even all the way up on the second floor where fans were watching the show. This proved to me that Mat really does care about his audience and the connection/interaction between him and them. He’s not only a great performer but clearly a really great guy.

After finally making his way back onto the stage, Mat and the rest of the band were prepping the stage for the next song. This created a moment of silence in which I utilized to the fullest. I hollered “Mat, I sprained my ankle today and I’m still here!!” That quickly grabbed his attention and he even asked me whether or not he should stop the show. I assured him that I was okay and that the show must go on. The end of the show was quickly approaching and Mat and his band eventually made their way off the stage. The crowd wouldn’t let them go and demanded an encore. A few minutes later, Mat and the band returned to perform “Ships In The Night” which was one of the two encore songs. This is my best friend’s favorite song so I called her via FaceTime so that she can experience the performance with me but through my iPhone. “That made my entire night”, she claims. Gotta love technology!

The show was now officially over. I waited a little bit for the venue to clear out before hopping over to the exit. While waiting, however, Mat’s band crew started cleaning the stage and handed me his set list. It was a bittersweet moment and made all my pain worth suffering for! Shortly after, a security guard came to help me exit the venue because I could only really walk on one leg. Everyone was staring at me and saying things like “Oh my god you’re the kid with the sprained ankle! Feel better!” I was embarrassed but it did made me feel like some kind of celebrity for the night. Yes I know, I’m ridiculous.

Check out some of my favorite photographs from last night’s show below: