Prism Recap: Walk the Moon @ Revolution Live

April 28, 2015admin

Last night’s Walk The Moon show at Revolution Live in Ft.Lauderdale was everything that I expected. The band is known for wearing face paint at the majority of their shows, in photoshoots, and even on TV appearances. From the second I arrived to the venue (which was about two hours before doors opened because that’s just what I do being the social butterfly that I am), I was in a sea of face paint. Granted, I let a teenage girl paint on my face, but I would say 70% of the audience had come with some form of creative tribal pattern painted on theirs.

After mingling with fans outside, the venue staff began to divide the huge line of people, that ran all the way down the street to the nearest KFC, into two. The concertgoers were getting antsy. I traveled through the crowd soon after we got let in to make my way up to the stage and snap some pics of the opening act, The Griswolds. These Australian lads played their hit songs “Beware The Dog” and “If You Wanna Stay”, mixed with some tracks off their most recent album Be Impressive. I wasn’t entirely familiar with the band’s music but I became a fan three songs into their set. Their energy was insane and really got the audience hyped for what was to come when WTM hit that stage.

Shortly after the opening act said their goodbyes, Walk The Moon graced the Revolution Live stage to the theme song of The Lion King. This entrance tactic was both funny and cool since I imagine the band members as some wild jungle animals. Nicholas (lead singer) always struck me as having a lion-like personality with his upbeat energy and dominating control of the stage. Yes I know that sounds weird and you might not understand what I mean but if you’ve ever attended one of their shows, you’ll see that I’m not that crazy. Walk The Moon played a pretty massive set list with fifteen songs and two powerful encore tracks. They sang songs from their first album and their most recent album, Talking is Hard. Every song was performed by Nicholas, Kevin, Eli, and Sean with such powerful energy that the crowd never had the chance to sit down, jumping around like bouncy balls. In all seriousness, Revolution Live was lit up the entire night with almost every color of the rainbow and we all knew “what it meeeans”.

The band’s two encore songs is what won me over completely. After saying their goodbyes and walking off the stage, the crowd wouldn’t budge and demanded an encore, yelling at the top of their lungs. WTM was quick to come back and the first song they played was a cover of one of my favorite bands of all time: The Killers. They sang “All These Things That I’ve Done” and the crowd absolutely lost their minds, myself included. Hands were up in the air throughout the whole song and fans sang along to every word. After slaying that cover, the band quickly teased the intro for “Anna Sun”, got the crowd excited, and jumped in to perform their final song of the night. One thing I’ll never forget from last night’s show was that when everyone sang “Anna Sun”, they sang it in such perfect unison and being that Revolution Live is such a close-knit venue, it sounded phenomenal. Well done WTM and WTM fans. Well done.

So the show was done and about 1300 people were now flooding out to their cars, but on my way out I realized that a few groups of fans were hanging around the tour buses in hopes of running into members of both bands. Members of The Griswolds ended up walking in front of me before I got into my car, I complimented them on their performance, we shook hands, and that was that. I saw pictures of Walk The Moon with fans on Instagram a few hours after the show so it’s safe to say the band generated a lot of smiles and nurtured their fandom by taking so many selfies and signing everything that was being handed to them.

All in all, the show was great. The fans were loud and sang along to every song, both bands gave off incredible energy, and the music sounded on point. If you haven’t been to a WTM show yet, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for but I sure hope it’s on your bucket list. Check out a mini gallery of the show, below:

Till next time, peeps!