Preview: Latin Billboard Panel w/ Raquel Sofia

April 24, 2015admin

It’s pretty much a given down here that Miami’s culture and spice is rooted in its Latin foundations. From classic foods, to infectious dances, our city breathes and sweats spice. To perpetuate this flavorful way of life, Billboard Latin Music hosts its awards ceremony and circulating events in the 305 every year. And this year is bound to be hotter, and more interesting than ever.

From April 27th – 30th, Miami will be washed in everything Billboard Latin, from world-renown performances, to innovative panels in the Hispanic music industry. The Billboard Latin Music Awards will take place on April 30th, aired on Telemundo of course. But the star of the show has been the selection of discussions and conferences, sprinkled with heavy-hitters shedding light on the state of music today. From one-on-one sessions, artist showcases, and keynotes speakers, the subjects will vary–having something exciting for every musical taste.

Among this treasure chest of panel gems, our eyes are set on the Discover, Promotion, Revenue: A conversation with Spotify & Pandora panel. Moderated by Amaya Mendizabal, Latin Charts Manager, Billboard; and featuring panelists like Marcos Juárez, Latin Music Curator & Programmer, Pandora; Valerie Miranda, Label relations, Spotify; and (our personal fave) Raquel Sofia, Recording Artist. These creative minds will discuss the way Pandora and Spotify are promoting acts and contributing to revenue streams…an interesting topic given Jay-Z’s recent unveiling of Tidal.

Prism will be on-site for the panel, noting (and asking) the hard-hitting questions you’d like to know answers to. Plus, keep your eyes locked on our socials for a live coverage of the panel and other VIP events. Use the promo code PRISM15 for an extra $100 off a full conference registration, and check here for the full schedule of panels!