#PrismPicks: Mat Kearney

April 15, 2015admin

Oregon native and Nashville-based musician, Mat Kearney, first appeared on my music discovery expedition in 2012 when an ex of mine played me his hit single “Ships In The Night”. I remember driving down the Florida Turnpike around midnight with the windows down and this booming song full of layers and passion on repeat. Ah, those were the days.

When I first heard of Mat, he wasn’t really known in the music world yet and I kept wondering why. His tunes were catchy and his lyrics were pretty damn relatable. His music has just the right amount of emotion folded in with skillful production work. I found myself listening to a lot of his songs when I went through my last breakup. At first I thought I’d associate his talents with my heartbreak but when his latest album, Just Kids, came out earlier this year, his new tracks like “Heartbreak Dreamer”, “Billion”, and “Just kids”, ensured his real estate on my Spotify streams.

Shortly after discovering Kearney, I decided to look up his upcoming tour dates. Turns out that he played in my hometown the night before I looked it up. I was livid! However, I’m pleased to announce that Mat Kearney, along with Judah & The Lion, will be performing at Revolution Live on May 8th! I guarantee you this guy is definitely worth the drive up to Fort Lauderdale.

If you haven’t already heard Kearney’s catchy tunes, make sure to check out the videos. If you’re already a die-hard fan, you can purchase tickets for his May 8th show right here and stay tuned for our exclusive show coverage!