Unearthed Gem: Leon Bridges

March 26, 2015admin

Every once in a while a sound can transcend time and space and transport you to an era never before lived as if in a distant memory, as if you’re home. Music has a magical quality like that. But not all music, only a very special something that a finger can’t really be placed on. That deliciously comfy feeling mixed with a sensual atmosphere turns an unseen sound into something tangible.

This Kafka-esque metamorphosis happens every time Leon Bridges picks up his guitar and sings. He may be performing for crowds at SXSW or a stream of festivals, but he makes you feel like he’s singing just for you, every single time. We’re serious about the raging musical crush we have on this Texas-bred Soul singer. This is his year. We know it and the rest of the music industry knows it. And soon you will too. Once he was a hidden gem, crooning his way across the country, relatively incognito. Now, he’s the 2015 Grulke Prize winner for Developing US Act and has landed coveted spots on festival lineups like Outside Lands with a national tour ending at Latitude Festival this Fall.

But enough name dropping, we can barely see the floor anymore. Let’s get back to the music and Leon Bridges’ impeccable charisma. Tune into this Mahogany Session live version of “Coming Home” and let yourself be taken away….