Coffee & Conversations – Miami’s Best Cups of Joe.

March 8, 2015admin

When you’re feeling the fruits of procrastination, when the weight of your “To Do” list is bringing you down, when you just need to crawl up and get things done, sometimes a change of scenery is your best bet. Especially when the place comes with a mean cup of coffee to keep you going.

In a city where nearly every coffee shop is a chain, we assure you the Java community is alive and well in the 305. Whether you need to find the best meet-up spot to discuss upcoming projects, or you want to show off to some friends visiting from Portland, the place has to be perfect. It needs to feel like you and the city have your very own shared secret that you let a select few people in on.

Good thing we know exactly what you’re looking for. Just don’t be that dude who cuts the line to ask for the WiFi password. Etiquette, people.

1. Sprout Flowers & Coffee – 2563 N. Miami Ave.

Part adorable flower design shop, part sweet café, Sprout offers more than just an aromatic locale. Not only do they provide unique, hand-made flower arrangements before your eyes, but they boast (and roast!) Panther Coffee, a fine selection of blooming teas from Art of Tea, and bites with heart and class. A N. Miami Ave. staple, you’ve passed this place a million times on your way to Lagniappe or Enriqueta’s.


2. Tinta y Café – 268 SW 8th St.

Like your usual Latin café, Tinta has a bustling atmosphere that pours out of its walk-up window. But unlike its coffeeshop cousins, it has the homey, comfortable ambiance that matches a well-worn sweatshirt. The walls are vibrant with the colors of local art, the kitchen chucks out delicious plate after plate, and the coffee selections are supreme. It might be the most “hipster” thing on Calle Ocho, but that’s still saying a lot.


3. Miam Café & Boutique – 2750 NW 3rd Ave. 

Panther Coffee may be the first shop in Wynwood that comes to mind, but now that everyone’s crossed it off their list (unwillingly or not), let’s look just a few blocks away to a café that’s giving it a serious run for its money: Miam. Relaxed would be a hyperbolic understatement to describe this laid-back coffeeshop. It’s spacious, full of light, and provides an industrial juxtaposition to the black and white lines of the iconic Wynwood Building. The coffee’s great, too.


4. Eternity Coffee Roasters – 117 SE 2nd Ave. 

They’re one of Zagat’s “Miami’s 10 Best Coffee Shops”, they have over a dozen bean varieties at a time, and you can find their beans at Whole Foods. Eternity Coffee Roasters is a “bean to cup” coffeeshop with carefully mixed aromas and flavors roasted in house and before your nose. Order from a kind and knowledgable barista who actually loves what they do and watch your order drip teasingly into your cup at the famous ECR pour-over bar. Take that, New York!


5. Angelina’s Coffee & Juice – 3451 NE 1st Ave. 

Although coffee may get things going in terms of bodily functions, the snacks that usually accompany it are almost never on the healthy side. Angelina’s blends organic tastes with the earthy flavors of fresh-pressed juices right in the heart of Midtown. Friendly staff, eclectic vibe, and a colorful crowd, it’s one of the best places for a work lunch or the birth of your new start-up. Munch on a vegan, gluten-free crepe as you discover the strength of your true potential. Can you dig it?


6. Alaska Coffee Roasting of Miami – 13130 Biscayne Blvd. 

Biscayne Boulevard has seen quite the collection of delicious hotspots over the years. Among them, the arrival of Alaska Coffee Roasting, a “farm to cup” shop that celebrate the wine of the tropics: coffee. Their coffee game is always strong, and their wood-fired oven gives way to some of the best home-made eats in the city, including pizza, paninis, and decadent sweets. The coffee will win you over, even if it does come from Alaska. (Jokes!)


7. The Alchemist Coffee & Slicers – 2430 NE 13th Ave. Wilton Manors, FL

When you want to find yourself somewhere completely new, when you reeeeally want to get away, head to The Alchemist and we promise you it’s worth the commute. Sure, the skeleton is familiar: fresh roasted coffee and rustic flatbreads, but this coffeeshop is magically different, much like the best-selling novel with the same name. Coffee is prepared in beakers, the outside garden sprawls with an animal-friendly crowd, Rainbow Eucalyptus meet orchids, and hand-picked quotes turn a regular cup of coffee into a spiritual experience.