Fabian De La Espriella, AICP | Planning, Design + Transportation Miami Downtown Development Authority

Prism has made a huge impact in redefining culture and sense of community in Miami. As a team, PRISM has the greatest energy, enthusiasm, and passion, and that reflects in the quality of their work and the lasting relationships they maintain with their partners. It was a joy to work with PRISM and today I’m lucky enough to consider them as friends. I can’t wait to experience all the great things they have in store for our community.

Juan Paz, Senior Director | Digital Strategy & Music Marketing at Sony Music

Prism is one of the most forward thinking cultural endeavors I´ve had the opportunity to work with. On the basis of conceptually beautiful events and inspiring activations, put together with creativity, professionalism, focus and love, they are rapidly –and forever- changing the face of Miami. World domination is next.

Miami Herald

We’re not being gatekeepers of culture. We’re opening this up to everyone and anyone who can appreciate it. Community’s never been glorified in Miami, no one ever thought that was the cool thing and in the last year, it has been. On a root level and a human level, we all want to connect. People want something authentic, real and homegrown.”

Jillian Davis, Digital Marketing Manager | PABST Blue Ribbon

I had the pleasure of working with Isabella on many collaborative events that she organized and put together flawlessly in South Florida. Isabella and Prism have added exactly what Miami needs; a variety of musical events which encompass the artistic culture that the city is so lucky to naturally have. Although, the “artistic culture” is already a huge part of Miami, Prism adds a positive vibe and atmosphere that would not be present without Isabella’s hard work and dedication to her city! No matter the size of the event, Isabella effortlessly executes and attracts the vast majority of the Miami population, and I have never seen a disappointed face at any of her functions. On behalf of myself and Pabst Blue Ribbon, we cannot thank Isabella and Prism Music Group enough for the great opportunities they have so kindly involved us in!

J.J. Colagrande – Blogger | The Huffington Post

These girls naturally understand what drives Miami. They organically bring together an atmosphere of talent, event space, and corporate sponsorship that turns out people time and again. They have serious potential when it comes to defining and shaping the next couple of years in Miami. The sky’s the limit.

Karla Arguello – Communications Coordinator | The Rhythm Foundation

The Rhythm Foundation decided to engage Prism because they have proven to reach a demographic that is the ideal audience for our music events, such as Heineken TransAtlantic Festival. They attract cool, cultured and curious locals interested in exploring the city’s music scene.

Michael Stock – Host | NPR’s WLRN Acoustic & Folk Show On 91.3FM

“I have had the honor and pleasure to emcee some of her events and she is a true professional. Her creative projects and innovative thinking is making South Florida a fun and exciting place to live.  Additionally, I have seen her non-profit organization, Uniting Local Artist, making an impact on local musicians and artists.  She walks the walk when it comes to community building.”

Jessica Allen – Project Manager – The Recording Academy Florida Chapter

I have had the immense pleasure of working with Isabella in a number of different capacities over the past few years and rely on her for always having a unique and forward-thinking approach. She has shown great creativity, professionalism, and resourcefulness in her roles at both Live Nation & The Black Key Group, and I look forward to continuing our relationship with Prism.

Eloisa Lopez- Gomez – Associate Director Miami International Film Festival

“A champion of the arts and Miami Isabella brings to the table an unique mix of corporate knowhow and understanding of the community. Movies Under the Stars is a fantastic partnership and we are thrilled with the opportunity of working together. I’ve had the opportunity of attending events organized by her and it never ceases to amaze how dedicated she is to her work. On the instances that we worked together she went above and beyond to ensure that all was according. When she gets involved on a project I know that it will thrive.”

Thomas Conway – Principal, Conway CRE

Prism Creative Creative Group’s granular study of The Citadel’s development objectives have delivered results that far exceed any of our original expectations. Collectively The Prism team’s outside the box work processes afford my partners and I the opportunity to make the best decisions possible at all levels of the project. Their authenticity, creativity and tenacity coupled with tremendous connectivity to social, business and the political world make them an invaluable resource to The Citadel. They define what is the intersection of great business and great people. We look forward to working on many more projects together.

Nir Shoshani – NR Investments 

For three years, we worked with Prism Creative Group to create the Arts and Entertainment district concept; We gave Prism the free hand and Prism created the community programming and cultural development for the District we were looking to put together. Through their innovative efforts and understanding of the local landscape, they helped bring our urban village to life. We witnessed first-hand how they can connect with the local community and make the creative future of the city feel like home.