Poetry 101: Reconnect to the Heart of Human Experience

Poetry 101: Reconnect to the Heart of Human Experience

There was once a time where poetry was the sharpest tool used to convey love, pain, hatred, and every human emotion. It was through poetry where writers and dabblers would... read more

Thirdstory Shines in Debut Album “Cold Heart”

If you haven’t already fawned over Thirdstory and their intricate harmonies, now’s the time. The NY-based trio known for gorgeously stripped down covers of chart hits like Taylor Swift’s “Style”... read more

Jumana Emil Abboud: A Powerful Palestinian Voice

There’s a lot of powerful things happening in the world today. We often feel we’re being pulled in every direction at once. Amidst the conflicts, differences, and shifting tides, we... read more

Las Cafeteras Have That Eclectic Sound You Need Right Now

To those who identify, “Chicano” means so much more than “Mexican-American.” It runs deeper than a bubble that can be filled under ethnicity. It’s an active pride in a cultural... read more

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Pilobolus’ “Shadowland”

Dance has been a long-time root for artistic and physical expression across the world. For centuries, cultures have told their stories through movement, either paired with music or not. But... read more

Carrie Mae Weems Brings Antigone to Life With ‘Past Tense’

Antigone. It might be a name that to many of us bring back memories of high school. Written by Sophocles around 441 BCE, the tragedy’s power rings further than the... read more

7 Things You Need to Know About Stephen Marley

Other than being the son of Bob Marley, of course. For anyone who knows music, the surname ‘Marley’ is sacred. You don’t need to be a reggae expert to know... read more

Music Unchained: Time For Three

What do you when the thing you create is all-encompassing and too vibrant to be classified? For the internationally-acclaimed trio, Time For Three, it’s about overlooking labels altogether and going... read more

Miami’s Artisans Have Found a New Home

In times of growth, it feels like your attention is being pulled in many directions at once, like something beautiful and uncomfortable is happening at the same time. Such is... read more

Breaking Down Bowie with Sam Hyken

No matter how many times you see Nu Deco do their thing live, you can never really shake off the feeling of mind-blowing surprise to see just how far they... read more

What Exactly is the Knight Arts Challenge?

Pictured above: John S. and James L. Knight, after which all the magic is named, behind the old Miami Herald building on Biscayne Bay. If you’re tuned into the Miami... read more

The Perfect Miami Day, according to Caiti Pomerance

Summer in Miami may seem like the worst time to be outside – but it’s actually the best time to enjoy Miami, at least according to Caiti Pomerance. Pomerance officially... read more

Perfect Miami Day, according to Deaf Poets

Indie duo Deaf Poets is comprised of Sean Wouters – the Guitarist-main vocalist-songwriter-producer-lyricist-gear collector – and Nico Espinosa, drummer-backup vocalist- songwriter-producer-sound engineer- lyricist-basketball and soccer enthusiast. The band has been... read more

Out Of the Kitchen and Into Our Hearts: Sweet Jalane’s

It’s hard to find support for your ideas, especially when you’re just starting out on your creative endeavors. We’re lucky to share a city with selfless supporters like StartUP FIU... read more

8 Emerging FL Bands You Need to Know

For many people, Miami’s musical identity tends to veer towards to poles: Latin and electronic. Although that might be with good reason, our music scene is actually filled with the... read more

Press Play: Louis Baker

We don’t hear much about all the music that is happening in New Zealand but indie-soul singer Louis Baker is definitely trying to change that. With an inarguably compelling voice... read more

Ace Props: Miami’s Visual Storytellers

There are many people we admire in this city, the collaborators and innovators that make us excited to get out of bed and keep pushing through even the darkest of... read more

A Perfect Miami Day, according to Meli Sanchez

Meet Meli Sanchez: one of the girls behind Geek Girl Brunch, shop owner of Geek Girl Gang, geek chic blogger at Melificent, and new Mom – all while still holding... read more