The Hangout Fest Acts We’re Excited to See

The Hangout Fest Acts We’re Excited to See

To us, music festival season is the greatest holiday season of all. Every year, we’re giddy to discover new acts, fawn over age-old favorites, and belt every word to our... read more

TWYN’s New Single “You Say” Lead Miami’s Music Scene Down a Bright Path

When we think of Miami’s identifiable “sound” it’s almost impossible to land on just one genre or rhythm. In a city overshadowed by Latin or electronic avenues, music in revolving... read more

BIG NEWS: The Listening Den is Back!

After years of searching for a musical escape in cities around the world, we decided to create our very own. Last year, we launched The Listening Den along with the... read more

Prism’s May Playlist

In case you haven’t been outside yet for an extended amount of time, Miami’s weather is getting real sticky. Slowly building like a groovy tune, our air is rising with... read more

Innov Gnawa: The Sound of Morocco’s Underground

Morocco is more than a popular destination for Instagram travelers. It’s the backdrop for some of the most vibrant traditions around. From flavorful dishes to intricately crafted architecture, it’s an... read more

Prism’s April Playlist

Although March is usually the shining gem weather-wise in Miami, April is where things start to seriously ramp up for summer. Things are starting to feel brighter and more exciting... read more

SXSW 2018 Music: Prism’s Favorites

You might have noticed your news feeds getting clogged last week, and this time with something fun. For us, it was SXSW that peeped its wonderful head in and out... read more

Our Most Anticipated Albums of 2018

We’re only a few months into 2018 and we’ve already been graced with some highly anticipated albums from Rhye and MGMT to even David Byrne. There’s still so much we... read more

SXSW 2018: The Acts We Can’t Wait to Hear

SXSW is a magical time of year. Where thousands of artists, inventors, and filmmakers flock to Austin in hopes of sharing their craft with the world. Imagine Art Basel on... read more

World Music Spotlight: Ils Sont Partis Band

Miamians are no strangers to a blending of cultures, and especially those that influence artistic expression. When we think of Zydeco music, we recognize the sound of a shifting landscape... read more

Thirdstory Shines in Debut Album “Cold Heart”

If you haven’t already fawned over Thirdstory and their intricate harmonies, now’s the time. The NY-based trio known for gorgeously stripped down covers of chart hits like Taylor Swift’s “Style”... read more

Ticket Giveaway: Little Dragon at Revolution Live 3/15

The time has come for another round of music loving! The kind souls over at Live Nation and Revolution Live are joining in on a special ticket giveaway for Little... read more

Classical Music for Millennials 101

When we think of classical music, a younger audience isn’t what first comes to mind. Like any art form with traditional ties, it’s making strong moves to stay alive for... read more

Recap: A Closer Look at Okeechobee 2018

Okeechobee Music Festival went down this weekend and we can say, the old adage is true. Third time really is a charm. Not only was the lineup balanced in a... read more

Prism’s March Playlist

For us, the month of March brings new tidings of sunshine, sweetness, and the early bloom of spring. It still hasn’t let go of the slow winter days, but is... read more

Prism’s Guide to Okeechobee Music Festival

Music shouldn’t be the sole focus of a festival. If you’ve been to the likes of Bonnaroo you’ll know that it’s the all-around experience that turns a newcomer into a... read more

Ticket Giveaway: Fleet Foxes – March 4th

Aw yeah, fellow music nerds! The kind souls over at Live Nation and The Fillmore are joining in on a special giveaway for Fleet Foxes on March 4th! Just drop... read more

Las Cafeteras Have That Eclectic Sound You Need Right Now

To those who identify, “Chicano” means so much more than “Mexican-American.” It runs deeper than a bubble that can be filled under ethnicity. It’s an active pride in a cultural... read more