Culture Guide: June 16th – 30th.

Culture Guide: June 16th – 30th.

Date-wise, Miami summer is officially upon us, although it certainly has been feeling like we’re already deep into the season. With the afternoon showers and the muggy evenings, not much... read more

Culture Guide: June 1st – 15th

When it feels like you’re swimming while you walk to you car, you know summer has finally arrived. June might not be our favorite month in Miami, but it’s still... read more

Culture Guide: May 16th – 31st

This weekend marked the first Southeast rain we’ve had all year, which also means: the rainy season is officially upon us. While this might give us, and our humidity hating... read more

Culture Guide: May 1st – 15th

*cue Justin Timberlake meme* The month of puns and fun in the sun has finally come upon us and Miami’s fresh air will be filled with all the cultural excitement... read more

Culture Guide: April 16th – 30th

Although we can already start feeling the heat, Miami certainly hasn’t lost its cultural charm. We’re settling into the lazier days of Spring’s peak, but there’s still tons of anticipation... read more

Culture Guide: April 1st – 15th

And just like that, a new month is upon us, reminding Miamians to keep the pride up. As we wave goodbye to the deliciously dry winter days and dive deep... read more

Culture Guide: March 16th – 31st

Another great month is almost under our belts and it hasn’t even gotten started. Miami’s culture scene is about to blow up even bigger with what’s in store for your... read more

Culture Guide: March 1st – 15th

March is one of our favorite months in Miami. Well, who are we kidding? We love every month in Miami. But this month is particularly special. Not just because the... read more

Culture Guide: February 16th – 28th

Sunny days on Miami’s horizon here as we enter the latter half of the second month of the year. South Florida’s culture is building up and setting its tone for... read more

Culture Guide: February 1st – 15th

One month down, 11 more to go. We don’t know about you, but there’s something in the air for 2018. We’re loving what this new year is bringing and has... read more

Culture Guide: Miami Events January 16th – 31st

Halfway through the first month of the year and we can already say that 2018 is already chalking up to be a pretty wonderful year in the Magic City. Not... read more

Culture Guide: January 1st – 14th

Ringing in the new year is always an exciting time. How will we all grow in the next coming 365 days? Well, by the looks of it, Miami seems to... read more

Culture Guide: December 16th – 31st

After the gorgeous weather that has been flooding Miami these past few weeks, we know things are finally looking up and getting ready for some sweat-less times outside. Whether it’s... read more

Culture Guide: December 1st – 15th

We know you can’t start the month without hearing the B word…Basel. And this isn’t a guide for that. But there are so many awesome happenings going down these coming... read more

Culture Guide: Nov 16th – 30th

Cold fronts or not, things have taken off into Miami’s busiest of seasons: fall. This is the time for an overwhelming amount of options for fun happenings, culture feasts, and... read more

Culture Guide: November 1st – 15th

If the nice weather hasn’t already championed, we’re finally deeper into the kind of fall that reminds us why we love living in this city. Over the next few weeks... read more

Culture Guide: October 16th – 31st

Already three weeks into the fall season and Miami is ablaze with ground-breaking culture. Ramping up for epic happenings to come, our city is bringing out its vibrant colors and... read more

Culture Guide: October 1st – 15th

Bring out the Hocus Pocus memes because October is finally here. And although the re-introduction of everything “Pumpkin Spice” might be crowding the newsphere, the city hasn’t skipped a beat... read more