Prism Tastes: Palmar

Prism Tastes: Palmar

Miami’s steadily booming food scene isn’t lacking in some pretty delicious Asian outposts. Your list of upcoming flavorful feasts shouldn’t go empty of the new Wynwood Chinese eatery: Palmar. The... read more

Itamae: The Shining Gem of St. Roch Market

Before you roll your eyes and puff that Miami doesn’t need another food hall, hear us out. The very essence of food halls is what differentiates Miami from most other... read more

Prism Tastes: Carillon’s The Strand Bar & Grill

When you think of a Miami Beach hotel restaurant, ‘welcoming’ usually isn’t the word that comes to mind immediately. But with The Strand‘s airy dining room and nonchalant take on... read more

Sherwoods is Little River’s New Brunch Destination

Miami has been late to the chase for several things, and brunch is definitely one of them. Finding a solid spot to enjoy your favorite boozy weekend meal isn’t as... read more

Prism Tastes: Lutum

Making a successful restaurant into a beloved neighborhood joint isn’t easy, but taking an already city-wide favorite and transforming it into something entirely different is even more difficult. That’s what’s... read more

Prism Tastes: Stiltsville Fish Bar

In true coastal Florida fashion, living off the grid while bonding with mother nature and the ocean is the stuff of sun-kissed dreams. And no other place personifies this feeling... read more

Prism Tastes: Alacarte Delivery

Chances are you’ve experienced this scenario before: You come home after a long and stressful work day. You’re hungry but too exhausted to cook. You ask your roommate/significant other/family what... read more

Prism Tastes: The Brick Summer Menu

Having a true connection to what’s on your plate and ultimately in your stomach is in high demand now, although we’re still wondering where it ever got lost. In light... read more

Prism Tastes: Sherwoods Bistro & Bar

From the lush, chartreuse oaks of Buena Vista to the vibrant hues of Little Haiti, the shifts in landscape along NE 2nd Ave make a lasting impression. As you make... read more

Prism Tastes: EDUKOS

Everything about Edukos evokes a sense of discovery. From its off-the-beaten path location, to the personalized decor on the walls, and its familiar yet exotic menu. Even the name means... read more

Prism Tastes: Kiki on the River

As Miami continues to grow, great culture is finding itself in areas otherwise untouched by the aesthetics of many of its more trafficked neighborhoods. As a born-and-raised Miami local, the... read more

Prism Tastes: White Rose Coffee

When you think of West Miami, the idea of a hip, emerging coffee scene is probably not at the top of your list. Chances are you haven’t really ventured much... read more