Best Vegan-Friendly Bites You’ll Love in Miami

Best Vegan-Friendly Bites You’ll Love in Miami

Whether you’ve been inspired by a recent health documentary or you’ve been on the vegan bus for a while now, finding meatless things to eat isn’t easy. We’re talking about... read more

Prism Tastes: Palmar

Miami’s steadily booming food scene isn’t lacking in some pretty delicious Asian outposts. Your list of upcoming flavorful feasts shouldn’t go empty of the new Wynwood Chinese eatery: Palmar. The... read more

Jackson Hall: The First Wellness-Focused Food Hall

Just when you thought the Yard team couldn’t get any better, think again. They’ve embarked on a revolutionary culinary endeavor: the first U.S. wellness-focused food hall in an institutional healthcare... read more

Our Favorite Authentic Italian Restaurants in Miami

When we think of Italy, we think of the birthplace of the modern Western world. A place rooted in art, culture, and the vibrancy of intellect. Most importantly we think,... read more

Itamae: The Shining Gem of St. Roch Market

Before you roll your eyes and puff that Miami doesn’t need another food hall, hear us out. The very essence of food halls is what differentiates Miami from most other... read more

Meet Shuji Hiyakawa, a Walking Miami Gem

Chef Shuji Hiyakawa, like much of Miami’s best culture, isn’t from here. He came to the U.S. about 10 years ago from Japan’s southern region, packed with the authentic recipes... read more

What’s to Come at La Centrale, Miami’s Italian Food Hall

The team behind La Centrale, Miami’s own Italian Food Hall, truly understand the concept of hospitality. Much like the country from which it draws its inspiration, everything about the three-story... read more

Prism Tastes: Carillon’s The Strand Bar & Grill

When you think of a Miami Beach hotel restaurant, ‘welcoming’ usually isn’t the word that comes to mind immediately. But with The Strand‘s airy dining room and nonchalant take on... read more

Sherwoods is Little River’s New Brunch Destination

Miami has been late to the chase for several things, and brunch is definitely one of them. Finding a solid spot to enjoy your favorite boozy weekend meal isn’t as... read more

5 Can’t-Miss Bites at Seed Food & Wine Fest

Seed Food & Wine Festival is known for many amazing things, first of which includes being one of the first entirely plant-based food festivals in the country. But aside from... read more

Prism Tastes: Lutum

Making a successful restaurant into a beloved neighborhood joint isn’t easy, but taking an already city-wide favorite and transforming it into something entirely different is even more difficult. That’s what’s... read more

Prism Tastes: Stiltsville Fish Bar

In true coastal Florida fashion, living off the grid while bonding with mother nature and the ocean is the stuff of sun-kissed dreams. And no other place personifies this feeling... read more

Miami Gems: Smart Bites

Did you know that Miami’s first real sustainable restaurant concept is sitting right in the heart of Allapattah? Converting a parking lot into a farm, Smart Bites is making healthy... read more

Our Go-To Dishes and Where To Find Them

Is there anything more satisfying than a good meal? No, seriously. It might be just us, but most of our time is spent deciding where to eat or what to... read more

How to Bring Food Products to Market

Ever wonder how certain items make it into food markets or nation-wide chains? Mass distribution might be easier for bigger name brands holding long-standing relationships with places like Publix or... read more

Out Of the Kitchen and Into Our Hearts: Sweet Jalane’s

It’s hard to find support for your ideas, especially when you’re just starting out on your creative endeavors. We’re lucky to share a city with selfless supporters like StartUP FIU... read more

Prism Tastes: Alacarte Delivery

Chances are you’ve experienced this scenario before: You come home after a long and stressful work day. You’re hungry but too exhausted to cook. You ask your roommate/significant other/family what... read more

A Look Inside Miami’s Employees Only

Walking along Washington Avenue, observing the sunset bustle, you might pass it. Your eyes peruse the multiple art deco buildings before landing on the colorful patterned facade of the Wolsonian-FIU... read more