Prism Recap: Glass Animals @ Revolution Live

Over a year ago, Glass Animals crawled their way into my deserted island of musical obsessions left uninhabited for years. It had been a while since I discovered a sound... read more

#PressPlay: BØRNS

I am not sure what is it about that state shaped like a mitten, but lately it has been gifting us some musical genius (thanks Michigan). Say hello to BØRNS,... read more

FOMO is Real: Prism’s Guide to Art Basel

Aside from an insane amount of breathing exercises, there are quite a few things you’ll need to do to survive this year’s Art Basel and Miami Art Week. Regardless of... read more

Culture Guide: November 16th – 30th

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Locos Por Juana and the Art of Seduction

One of our local jewels, funk pan-Latin band Locos Por Juana recently came out with their latest single “Mueve, Mueve” and we had the honor of sitting down with their... read more

#PressPlay: Stolen Jars

I would advise you to go ahead right now and press play to Stolen Jars (and then repeat) before you even continue reading. If you are not enjoying what you... read more

Culture Guide: November 1st – 15th

With all the partying and celebrating under our belt (for now), as you snuggle in your sheets hazily remembering the events of this past Halloween weekend, rest comforted in the... read more

#PressPlay: Big Wild

Preparing for the mystical insanity that will be Hulaween this weekend, I began to do the usual pre-festival routine: shop, clean my car, and put myself onto previously undiscovered music.... read more

Digesting Culture 101

Because Miami is relatively young, awkwardly entering adolescence, it seems a bit unfair that our pimply-faced coastal town is thrown into the same mix as cities like New York and... read more

The Wynwood Yard: Grounds for Possibilities

Ideas are brewing all over town, start-ups are blending technology and creativity, people are working together instead of against each other and the Miami scene is booming. Della Heiman has... read more

Culture Guide: Oct 16th – 31st

So we’re still knee-deep in wet season floods but some things are changing to ramp up for the fall. All eyes are on Basel already but we’re still celebrating the... read more

#PressPlay: Lord Huron

The hustle and bustle of the city streets creates such a buzz, sometimes we get so use to it we forget what a breath of fresh air actually feels like.... read more

Get to Know: Tony & Cristy of Abrobeta

A band is only as good as the sum of its parts, and the two incredible pieces that make up Afrobeta are magic personified. Smurphio and Cuci Amador are not... read more

Prism Picks: Suwannee Hulaween

Halloween is a tricky time of year, all puns intended. Between the slew of big DJ parties and sexy costume alternatives, sometimes a good old-fashioned party is the best way... read more

III Points 2015: Day 3 Recap

It was a slow-moving Sunday for III Points‘ last day, as festivalgoers were crawling in on whatever ounce of energy they had left. Local electro outfit, The Hongs, were happy... read more

III Points 2015: Day 2 Recap

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III Points 2015: Day 1 Recap

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Dope People Doing Dope Sh*t: Part III

“Those who have learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively, have prevailed.” – Charles Darwin Miami is becoming an energetic powerhouse where every idea, every innovative thought can be manifested... read more