Pro Voice: A Chat with Thirdstory

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Awesome Spotlight: Miami Marine Stadium Mural Project

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Culture Guide: April 16th – 30th

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A New Jazz Voice: Jahzel Dotel

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Jamiroquai 101: Top Songs You Need to Know

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Cynthia Fleischmann: the body painting queen

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Epic Sunday: The Ultimate Brunch

It’s hard to really pin-point when the current obsession with brunch began. Originally a somewhat high-class activity to drink away Saturday night’s alcohol-induced pain and coily revisit fresh gossip over... read more

Culture Guide: April 1st – April 15th

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April Events: Where to Find Us

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SXSW: The Acts that Stole Our Hearts

and some parts of our libido. SXSW lived up to its unparalleled caliber once again this year, coming in cooly with some of the best sounds to grace our ears... read more

Culture Guide: March 15th – 31st

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Charles Bradley: A Man of Many Hearts

There are few voices as real and robust as Charles Bradley‘s. Real from the depth of his honesty and passion, robust from the textured cadence that escapes his lips. “Old... read more

Prism’s SXSW Picks

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Awesome Spotlight: Miami Girls Rock Camp

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Press Play: “Nada” – Paula

There’s no denying it. Miami is a breeding ground for exceptional talent, hailing from every corner of the world. Maybe it’s the sun, maybe it’s the art, but whatever it... read more

Project Trio: An Ode to Music

In anticipation of Nu Deco Ensemble‘s return to The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse this Thursday & Friday, we’ve decided to delve deeper into the understanding of music and how... read more

March Events: Where to Find Us

Sure, Miami’s nightlife is and seemingly always has been, poppin’. But the gears are starting to shift from heavy bass to flowing conversation, where you aren’t told how to be,... read more

Awesome Spotlight: Buskerfest

We here at Prism are firm believers in encouragement as fuel for exceptional results. Many times, generating an idea that exceeds expectations can really only happen with a push, gentle... read more