The Best Flea Ever

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Local Synesthesia: Daniel “Krave” Fila Talks Music

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The Raddest Craft Fair

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Prism Recap: Floridian Love

Sharp aromatic potencies of jerk chicken and mayi moulin immediately awakened my senses as I strolled over towards the open window on the mural-encompassed walls of NW 71st Street. Hidden... read more

The Best Things to Get to on Transit & How to Get There

Miamians are masters at talking-down things they may not have actually put in the effort to check out. Namely: our public transit system. Because of the way our city is... read more

Prism Tastes: Music and Food are One at Ariete

Consensus: The intimate and thoughtful ambiance, the friendly staff, and elevated cuisine make Ariete one of the most seductive and memorable eateries in Miami’s historic Coconut Grove. [flexslider navi=”true” auto=”false”... read more

Culture Guide: June 16th – 30th

The Summer solstice is nearly upon us and the season is already raging in full force. From rainy days, to humid nights, Miami’s hottest period knows no respite. But when... read more

#PressPlay: Kelsey Lu “Dreams”

Brought into the world under the confines of a religious family, Kelsey Lu found her only escape to be through music. Liberating herself from the daily woes of her life, she... read more

Album Review: Kaleo – A/B

In anticipation of it’s release, we were blessed to find out that Kaleo’s album was streaming online days before it circulated around. The Icelandic quartet, made up of JJ Júlíusson... read more

5 Tips on Staying a Girl Boss

Follow these five tips to get your girl boss slay on. Whether it’s starting your own business or any other big endeavor, put your entire soul into it and allow... read more

Prism Tastes: Campton Yard at The Hall

Consensus: With room for growth, The Campton Yard hits its welcoming backyard vibes out of the park–all propelled by a locally conscious menu that bridges Miami flavors with worldly tastes.... read more

Album Review: The Strokes – “Future Present Past” EP

There’s a strange yet thrilling feeling you get in your gut when you find out that one of your favorite bands has finally burst back into the airwaves after disappearing for quite some... read more

Prism’s (FREE) Miami Yoga Guide

I bring to you, your Monday through Sunday guide to free yoga around Miami. Grab your mat, towel, water bottle, and homie. Because what’s a better way to kick-start your... read more

#PressPlay: COBI “Don’t You Cry For Me”

With a deep and soulful countertenor gifted to dive into dusky, dark depths and sweep up into fierce howls; Minnesota born, COBI is one of those artists whose enchanting voice and... read more

Culture Guide: June 1st – June 15th

The first of the month is always a favorite of ours, sensing the city’s anxious energy pulsing through its network of streets. Calendars are marked, happenings are unveiled, and all... read more

Prism Tastes: Pawn Broker & PB Station at The Langford

Consensus: Subtle yet flavorful, and locally-driven, both Pawn Broker and PB Station are yet another out-of-the-park win for The Pubbelly Boys and the city of Miami. Few people have established... read more

Dope People Doing Dope Sh*t: Munch Edition

It seems like there’s something awesome popping up on the daily in this city, from new bars to new markets that leverage Miami’s endless reservoir of creative talent. The important... read more

#PressPlay: New Music You Need to Jam to Right Now

From Metronomy to Glass Animals, Prism Music Group introduces some of the artists whose albums we’re most anticipating; that will either keep us cool or extremely sweaty this summer. Metronomy... read more