Culture Guide: March 15th – 31st

The summer heat has already shown itself, so the only way you can really escape it is with some good music and a very cold (strong) drink. That’s right, the... read more

Charles Bradley: A Man of Many Hearts

There are few voices as real and robust as Charles Bradley‘s. Real from the depth of his honesty and passion, robust from the textured cadence that escapes his lips. “Old... read more

Prism’s SXSW Picks

No one is ever ready for the stimulus overload that is SXSW. We sure as hell aren’t. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, SXSW is ready to do it big, stepping up... read more

Awesome Spotlight: Miami Girls Rock Camp

Not every great project is seen all the way through to fruition alone. Each and every one of us needs a gentle push, a shoulder to rely on, and some... read more

Press Play: “Nada” – Paula

There’s no denying it. Miami is a breeding ground for exceptional talent, hailing from every corner of the world. Maybe it’s the sun, maybe it’s the art, but whatever it... read more

Project Trio: An Ode to Music

In anticipation of Nu Deco Ensemble‘s return to The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse this Thursday & Friday, we’ve decided to delve deeper into the understanding of music and how... read more

March Events: Where to Find Us

Sure, Miami’s nightlife is and seemingly always has been, poppin’. But the gears are starting to shift from heavy bass to flowing conversation, where you aren’t told how to be,... read more

Awesome Spotlight: Buskerfest

We here at Prism are firm believers in encouragement as fuel for exceptional results. Many times, generating an idea that exceeds expectations can really only happen with a push, gentle... read more

MIFF’s Top Movie Picks

Sometimes being from a city that constantly churns out magic can become so normal that we don’t spend enough time relishing in the fact that Miami is actually a cultural... read more

#PressPlay: Lake Street Dive

In my opinion, the best way to describe Lake Street Dive is like a delicious hunch punch, once you have a taste you will love it but if I told... read more

A Guide to Virginia Key GrassRoots Fest

For being such a verdant and outdoor-friendly city, there are few places in Miami that have preserved the magic of its lush and tropical nature. Among the shortlist of those... read more

Culture Guide: February 16th – 29th

Like Miami’s weather, there is no such thing as multiple “seasons” in the culture scene. It’s just one on-going roulette of interactive experiences that quenches the thirst of every creative... read more

A Singles Guide to Loving Yourself this Weekend

Step one on the path to deciding what your solo dolo Valentine’s Day weekend is going to look like, pick a playlist. And yes, I said weekend because luckily for... read more

Awesome Spotlight: NEWT Miami

Sometimes a brilliant idea needs a little push from the right person as a catalyst for creation. That’s what Miami’s Awesome Foundation chapter execute month after month with a yearly... read more

Coming Soon: The Citadel Food Market

There’s no question that Miami serves up an abundance of culture at every neighborhood, on every street corner, in every home. With a history that reinvents itself almost yearly, the... read more

#MiamiWins: Spin Gallery

“I hope to be more than just a store. I dream of Spin Gallery being a space that fulfills creative desires and inspires others” CEO and founder Ashley Artidiello said.... read more

Biking in Miami: All for One & One (Road) for All

Traffic. It stops, it goes, someone honks at you because you took one second too long to step on the gas, and then it stops and goes a little more.... read more

Culture Guide: February 1st – February 15th

Can you believe it’s already February? New Year’s was just yesterday, that yearly cold front has come and gone and we’re back to the daily grind of “making it” in... read more