#PrismPicks: Afrobeta “Dream About You”

People can say whatever they want about the characters in our local music and arts scene, most of the stigmas stem from an outdated stereotype of Miamians anyway. The reason... read more

Nu Deco Ensemble: Inspiration in Every Note

Let’s be real: I’m not going to try to hunker down and deliver another one of my long-winded show recaps peppered with praise and metaphors (okay, there will be a... read more

III Points 2015: Innovation at its Finest

“Art” and “culture” are two words people seem to be tossing around pretty liberally these days, we are absolutely no exception to that. But the pizza-rat is out of the... read more

Current Obsession: Glass Animals

Everyone has those artists or songs that they know will immediately be a hit at any party or amongst any group of friends. Those go-to tracks as a DJ that... read more

Dope People Doing Dope Sh*t: Part II

“Innovation is creativity with a job to do.” – John Emmerling There’s no denying that the city of Miami has an excess of sunlight, breaking through even the darkest clouds... read more

#PrismPicks: Nu Deco Ensemble Season One

Call it a new era, call it Mercury in retrograde, but Miami is going through a seriously incredible cultural renaissance right now, and you’re here to witness it. Take a... read more

Raquel Sofía: 20 ft. from stardom to center stage

If you haven’t heard the supple chimes of Raquel Sofia’s voice, pause your reading now and play her album Te Quiero Los Domingos (I Love You On Sundays). Once you... read more

Culture Guide: Sept. 15th – 30th

As we transition into the Fall season, Miami’s event game is seriously coming in strong. As well rounded as you’d expect from a city who’s currently undergoing a cultural renaissance,... read more

Recap: Purity Ring @ The Fillmore

Purity Ring rocked the Fillmore Miami Beach on Friday, and I’m still replaying the entire show in my head. The night was pure magic. From meeting PR’s sound engineer, receiving... read more

Coffee and a Close Up with Brendan O’Hara

As we near the release of Brendan O’Hara‘s highly-anticipated album, Late Night Radio, we feel like the city, nay, the world should get to know the man behind the beard... read more

#PressPlay: Brendan O’Hara’s “Bad Habits”

The city’s resident voice in all things looped Blues, Brendan O’Hara, has been slowly teasing our ears with hints at new releases on the path to his latest album unveiling,... read more

Culture Guide: Sept 1st – 15th

And just like that, Summer is over; one season ends, another one opens. And with this evolution comes an entirely refreshing slew of events, both of the free and monetary... read more

Mini Recap: Seven Lions @ Grand Central

The Fall concert season has begun ladies and gents! Following Day Wave’s intimate performance at the Soho Beach House (and feeling very underdressed), I Ubered to Grand Central to watch... read more

Alessia Cara Unleashes “Four Pink Walls”

Juggling a 9-5, two needy cats, and a stressful morning commute can sometimes make you feel a little too much like an adult. And no matter how hard we try... read more

Unearthed Gem: Kacy Hill

Funny how the emotional connection to music is stronger than just discovering a good sound that sends you traveling to distant lands on the coattails of a song. The energetic... read more

WHOMADEWHO at The Round Table

In anticipation of the upcoming WhoMadeWho show at Grand Central next Thursday September 3rd, we reached out to the band just to get to know a little bit about their... read more

Dope People Doing Dope Sh*t: Part I

“Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent, not a singular conception of ability.” – Sir Ken Robinson When it comes to bettering your city through unprecedented innovation, there’s no... read more

Vicki Rox: Making it Happen

A charming voice answered a four o’clock phone call on a warm summer afternoon. The voice on the line, Vicki Rox -self-described as “Ukrainian born, Atlanta bread, 1989 Jewish immigrant... read more