Support Local: Paulie Gee’s Miami

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Why Classical Music is Still Relevant

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Culture Guide: April 16th – 30th

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Support Local: MKT by bazbaz

After twenty-three years of living in New York and constantly hearing people in Manhattan say “I wanna make it first, and then I’ll give back”, Albert Price, leader of by bazbaz... read more

Tastes Like L.A. by Las Cafeteras

Hailing from Los Angeles, Las Cafeteras are releasing their latest album Tastes Like L.A., which is a mixture of the sights and sounds of the City of Angels while mixing in their... read more

Why We Love Our Co-Working Space

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Raquel Sofia “Ron de Azúcar”

Raquel Sofia, one of Miami’s most prominent modern Latin artists and overall badass lady, has just released her latest single, “Ron De Azúcar.” Having previously performed backing vocals for Juanes... read more

Bringing the Stage to Life with Magda Giannikou

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Miami Gem: Craft Cafe SoBe

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Breaking Down “Nufonia Must Fall”

Part puppet show, part epic live score, “Nufonia Must Fall” from the Canadian wunderkind DJ Kid Koala, is an emotional showcasing of love, life, and self-reflection that uses a tone... read more

Support Local: Simple Florals

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Prism’s April Events

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Culture Guide: April 1st – 15th

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Women in Music

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Culture Crusaders

cru·sad·er – /kro͞oˈsādər/ (noun) – a person who campaigns vigorously for change. Something’s shifting in Miami and we all can feel it. Whether it’s creative, developmental, or even just energy-driven,... read more

The Vagabond Spirit is Alive and Well in Miami

The scene is Miami, the year is 1989. The city was in the early stages of its renaissance, a village comprised of incredible people inventing, and in some cases, re-inventing... read more

Support Local: Talking with Della Heiman

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The 10 Prince Songs You Need in Your Life

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