Local Spotlight: Hunters of the Alps

Moody music often brings some of the best sound and when blended with elements of Latin American beats and rhythms, you get Hunters of the Alps. The Peruvian group, which... read more

Art Basel 2016: Prism’s Guide to the Guides

The easiest response to the question: “What’re you doing for Basel?” is to forward RSVP links or direct friends to your favorite guides. But the links pile up and the... read more

Ricardo Romaneiro Returns to Miami for “TRANS” with Nu Deco

At this point, Nu Deco Ensemble‘s selections of collaborations are equally as anticipated as their shows in general. Anxiously we wait to hear what renditions they will attack with their... read more

House of Creatives Music Festival: RECAP

This past weekend was the inauguration of House of Creatives Music Festival, a two-day event filled with good music and vibes to match. It is always refreshing to see the... read more

9 Kraftwerk Songs to Make Life Better

50 years. That’s almost how long Kraftwerk and their electronically-driven sounds have affected the way music, and life really, has grown into itself. Many people may consider the 80s a... read more

Press Play (HOC Edition): Empress Of

Empress Of is the alias of New York based singer-songwriter Lorely Rodriguez, who embodies that sense of feminine strength that is reflected in her music. It explores the strong synth-pop beats that... read more

Culture Guide: Nov. 16th – 30th

Super moons or not, November is a pretty awesome month to be alive, particularly in Miami where the weather is consistently upping its beautiful game. Holidays are on the horizon... read more

10 Thoughts on Suwannee Hulaween by Veterans & First-Timers

Entering the lush campgrounds at Spirit of The Suwannee, the nerves and excitement, the sense of relief all dance together as one in your gut. Even days before Suwannee Hulaween,... read more

Press Play: Buscabulla

Never has an artist, in my opinion, created Spanish speaking trance/electronic music that is so unique it is hard to even categorize. But Buscabulla did just that. Buscabulla, which is... read more

The Wynwood Yard Announces Friday Samplings at Taste of The Yard

We figure you all need some good news to populate your news feeds so here’s another stellar announcement regarding everyone’s favorite neighborhood hang: The Wynwood Yard. Other than acting as... read more

Jack Daniel’s Celebrates 150 Yrs in Miami

Not many brands can say they’ve lasted a century, or 150 years at that. More than just a badass whiskey brand, Jack Daniel’s has made a name for itself as... read more

Wednesday Nights are for the Locals at River Yacht Club

It seems bizarre, in a city nearly surrounded by water that there are so few warm and welcoming waterfront spots for us to breathe in the air with a fresh-made... read more

The Wynwood Yard Turns 1 Year Old!

Because Miami has been crowned a transient, tourist-led city, not very often are roots laid down and grown. That has changed significantly over the past few years, where community and... read more

Press Play: Black Marble

The strong synth sounds of the 80s are alive and well with Brooklyn based artist Black Marble. Originally a duo consisting of Ty Kube and Chris Stewart, who has continued... read more

50 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head at Nu Deco

Multi-sensory, supremely technical, and downright real–some phrases that come to mind when experiencing the musical necromancy that happens as Nu Deco Ensemble brings sound back to life. This past weekend,... read more

Culture Guide: Nov. 1st – 15th

Halloween may be over and people may be jumping in Christmas decorations, but we’re still taking one windy and crisp day at a time. Nov.  is a notoriously beautiful month... read more

Press Play: Monsieur Periné

Dance hall vibes are alive and well when you hear the musical stylings of Colombian group, Monsieur Periné. When you hear any of their records, you feel almost transported to... read more

Because You Asked For It: Prism’s Halloween Guide

Maybe it’s the costume thing, maybe it’s the bout of nostalgia that washes over you reminding you of candy crusading in your youth, but everyone can agree that Halloween is... read more