Culture Crusaders Take Tampa

…With special appearances by Dania Beach & St. Pete. Full FujiFilm Girl  photo album here. When planning a road trip or any sort of adventure that takes you out of the house and... read more

Support Local: 5 Florida Artisans To Put On Your Radar

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Press Play: Bully

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Perfect Miami Day, according to Deaf Poets

Indie duo Deaf Poets is comprised of Sean Wouters – the Guitarist-main vocalist-songwriter-producer-lyricist-gear collector – and Nico Espinosa, drummer-backup vocalist- songwriter-producer-sound engineer- lyricist-basketball and soccer enthusiast. The band has been... read more

The Best Way to Support Miami’s Arts Scene

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Out Of the Kitchen and Into Our Hearts: Sweet Jalane’s

It’s hard to find support for your ideas, especially when you’re just starting out on your creative endeavors. We’re lucky to share a city with selfless supporters like StartUP FIU... read more

8 Emerging FL Bands You Need to Know

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Culture Guide: August 16th – 31st

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Wynwood Welcomes Veza Sur Brewing Co. to the Neighborhood

Tuesday night started off better than most weeknights with a sneak & taste preview of newly Veza Sur Brewery set to open its doors this weekend, ‘VEZA’ for ‘cerveza’ and... read more

The Key to Preserving Miami’s Cultural History

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What’s Up With Miracle Mile?

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A Place For True Music Lovers: The Listening Den

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9 Local Eateries That’ll Make You Look Good

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House of Creatives Festival 2017

The team behind House of Creatives Festival has done it again. With a killer lineup and new venue, these guys have outdone themselves for their second year. HOC Fest will... read more

Support Local: Baking with La Romi Bakery

As I sit here savoring a delicious dulce de leche molten lava cake that I made under the direction on Romina Naperstek, my satisfied tastebuds are so happy businesses like... read more

Press Play: Louis Baker

We don’t hear much about all the music that is happening in New Zealand but indie-soul singer Louis Baker is definitely trying to change that. With an inarguably compelling voice... read more

What to Do When it Rains in Miami

Cover photo: Although summer might be (slowly) coming to a close, we know that the rains happen anytime of year, no matter the season. Whether it’s an intermittent shower... read more

Prism Tastes: Alacarte Delivery

Chances are you’ve experienced this scenario before: You come home after a long and stressful work day. You’re hungry but too exhausted to cook. You ask your roommate/significant other/family what... read more