Jaguar Sun is a Welcome Addition to Downtown’s Current Nightlife Boom

October 31, 2018Pola Bunster

Anyone currently living in Miami would have noticed a distinct change in Downtown’s nightlife and culinary scene. With new additions like the recently opened Lost Boy Dry Goods and Mama Tried becoming beloved spots seemingly overnight, the sprawling neighborhood is entering a new phase for the city. Parts of it are finally beginning to feel more pedestrian-friendly, with a string of go-to locations within a small block radius becoming the norm. Among the list of newly-welcomed, high-quality outposts is Jaguar Sun located in the trendy new apartment complex, X Miami.

Already a Regular.

Tucked away along a breezeway within the MDC-Wolfson Campus with only a simple “cocktails” sign to its name, Jaguar Sun captures the speakeasy vibes effortlessly. Dim lighting, an intimate bar, and intricate cocktails to boot. The drinks menu, designed by Will Thompson boasts simple yet surprisingly affordable classics. Thompson has had a hand in popular ventures around NYC, Boston, New Orleans, and Nashville with eyes on making Jaguar Sun’s craftier cocktails a new anchor in Downtown.

In just three weeks, the cozy watering hole already sees intimate groups of locals looking for a hidden regular spot, in-the-know residents, and curious passerbys. Motown and soul swing softly in the background, setting the sultry tone that a perfect starting point for a night out needs. Kick it off at Jaguar Sun with a Tom Collins and pasta, and then head out to Mama Tried and Lost Boy to let the night ride. Or start it at the very beginning at their Mockingbird lobby cafe which will be rolling out a delicious pastry menu in the coming weeks.

A Comforting Classic.

We started at happy hour with a classic Tom Collins, followed by the Half Sinner Half Saint and the Very Strong Baby. Light in the head, we were ready to take our stomachs and taste buds for a nice ride. Then came the thinly sliced country ham and their Parker house rolls with honey butter which we would seriously come back to have any day of the week. The little gems salad was light and crisp and the cacio e pepe and spicy pork rigatoni were served to authenic perfection. Dessert was off-menu with items like chocolate tarts and homemade strawberry sorbet. But it was the made-to-spin homemade ice cream topped with Counter Culture coffee that took us over in all the best ways.

Chef Carey Hynes, formerly of NYC’s famed Momofuku, is cooking up a varied and comforting menu in the kitchen–just what we all need. “We wanted to create something right for this building, the neighborhood, and the city as a whole” said Hynes. With local items throughout the menu like beers on taps and partnerships with Counter Culture Coffee, it’s already on its way.

Photos by FujiFilmGirl.