3 Wellness Tips We Learned at Ahana High Tide Festival

October 30, 2018Andrea Flores

It’s safe to say, the term ‘wellness’ is commonly used more than usual these days. Or, have we grown to be conscious of it more-so? Maybe it’s synchronicity or what some refer to as a lifestyle trend but aligning with wellness eases our daily grind in various ways. Inspired by the recent Ahana Yoga High Tide Festival in the Design District, we’re sharing insight on ways to crank up your wellness game. Let’s begin!

Environment: Plastic-Free, The Way to Be.

We don’t think of environmental health as part of wellness too often but when you help others, you’re helping yourself in return – correct? Dedicated to keep our beaches and marine life clean & safe, Miami’s Surfrider Foundation emphasized some baby steps to help eliminate our use of plastic.

Small victories are better than none and with other communities ahead of the game, it’s time our Magic City joins! How? Volunteering for beach/park clean-ups, creating conscious habits when shopping and replacing plastic straws with metal or biodegradable ones. Sharing awareness helps others understand this ongoing issue. The same way we detox at Barry’s and sip our juices, we could apply a physical effort in forming a fresh habitat.

Emotional & Mental: The Power of Mantras

Ever wondered what you chanted at the end of a yoga practice? Yes, even repeating Om three times is considered chanting. If you’re new to the wellness world, this recited ritual is a mantra.

Stressed? Sing a mantra. Trouble focusing? Say a mantra. Anxiety driving you into a madness? Yep, repeat a mantra. Each mantra holds a different intention – pick one that aligns with your current state to enhance its abilities. Not a fan of singing out loud with your not-so-savvy-vocals, no prob – repeat it in your mind.

It was quite a beautiful experience to observe even children chanting mantras during Ahana’s  High Tide Festival. The drums became softer while the singing felt stronger and within minutes, there was a moment of pure stillness despite the moving lips. Mantras teach and inspire us to take it slow and B.R.E.A.T.H.E.! A moment to center ourselves in the midst of chaos is key for our emotional & mental wellness.

Physical: Do It for the Children // Children Are the Future

We’ll start by saying, children are the future! They listen, repeat, and observe with such enthusiastic curiosity. After Saturday’s event at Jungle Plaza, the children inspired us to emerge in this exact mindset. Taking on the world without fear – before anxiety made an appearance in our minds.

Just like the adventures we’d create to survive summer breaks, it’s time we connect with that inner child again. Practicing physical activities with a child (son, daughter, niece, nephew, brother, sister) helps us attract this familiar mindset. Wellness spreads awareness to our new generation and any physical activity we practice together, enhances the health & sharpness of both the child and adult.

With a coloring book, your favorite mantra and a metal straw in your coffee cup – wellness, here we come!