Brothers & Brawlers Has More Underground Magic Up Their Sleeve

July 9, 2018admin

For fans of Brothers & Brawlers hang in Wynwood, they’ve embarked on an awesome new partnership with Selina for upcoming The Tower Hotel. Before the historic hotel opens, though, they’ve popped up at a new spot in the arts district. It still has the vintage and mixed-use charm of its predecessor while infusing Miami’s history everywhere.

It all started when Selina’s creative director discovered the hidden coffee shop and fell in love. The boutique hotel group is all about infusing authentic local trends into their locations so each one creates a deeper connection per destination. With over 26 properties from Mexico and Costa Rica to Panama and even Peru, their Miami venture will be their first stateside stay.

Coffee With a Vibe

Together, Selina and Brothers & Brawlers will provide Miami’s Little Havana hotel with the vintage ambiance we love at what they’re calling Selina Brawlers. “This one will be more of an homage to historical Miami,” said B&B founder Sebastian Tatano-Ramirez, “very mid-century.” It’ll still have the motorcycles and vintage furniture we love, with original pieces by Selina built specifically for the new property.

It’ll be more than just an Instagram-worthy coffee shop. The space will also moonlight as a fine art gallery with works for purchase from both original artists and big names like, oh, Any Warhol. While you wait patiently for its open this fall, you can hop over to their new pop-up in Wynwood. There’s a “library” curated for a relaxing co-working experience. They have an espresso bar for shoppers and workers. With a heavy emphasis on retail, Brothers & Brawlers still have the clothing, vintage apparel, and handmade goods we fawned over at their old location.

Hours & Address

Brothers & Brawlers is open 11AM – 7PM daily at NW 2nd Ave and 28th ST.