Need Emotional Support in Miami? Here’s Where to Start

June 13, 2018Pola Bunster

Mental health and general health, really, should always be an open topic of conversation. If our hearts, minds, and souls aren’t functioning property, neither will our bodies nor the work we put out into the world. In light of recent events, we decided to ask you what your go-to places, people, and activities were to support your emotional health. From exercise and bereavement centers to equine psychotherapy and meditation, here’s the first roundup (of many) on where to find help when you need it most:


Because we like to start with the obvious. Seriously though, exercise and endorphins are scientifically proven to be connected to general health and well-being. It feels silly to even say, but we often times put exercise on the back burner when we feel, well, burned out. Small steps are always a great way to start. Find a neighborhood or a park you love and just walk. Bike to popular places and forego parking stress. Take a yoga class. Peep our roundup on where to workout indoors.


Seeking help is a lot easier said than done. Even taking the time to acknowledge that help is needed in the first place is a hugely brave step. It’s also extremely personal, and finding the right therapist is like looking for the perfect pair of jeans. The Coral Gables Counseling Center Has proven to be a good help to our readers, offering everything from individual and couple’s therapy to wellness & nutrition goals. The Counseling Group is another great option, offering warm and welcoming individual care.


Speaking from experience, I know that meditation isn’t for everyone. I actually found that when I stopped asking myself the “am I doing it right?” or “why isn’t anything happening?” questions and just literally gave myself props for sitting still and doing nothing without a phone in hand–for giving my mind and body a moment of relaxation–I did feel better. I could start wrapping my head around the whole meditation thing. Sound Bowl meditation at The Goddess Temple and Modern OM have both come highly recommended by our readers.


A big part of feeling down or even depressed stems from also feeling stuck. Whether in your career path or just in life, it’s certainly not a good place to be. Nor does it help with emotional security. Axen (Action Club Miami) was another crowd-sourced suggestion. You can join this local chapter, of which there are multiple around the world, and they’ll help you make your goals and dreams a reality. They’ll be the friends you need to hold you accountable, listen to your self-doubt, and rightly smash it.

Photo by The New Tropic

Horses, seriously.

Horses are the perfect representation of balance. Wildness and stability all in one majestic creature. Dr. Giselle Faubel’s breathtaking 2-acre facility in Wellington offers one of Florida’s only programs of equine assisted therapies. Psychotherapists and occupational therapists combine with equine therapists and beautiful horses for a session that will transform you. At Equuilibrium, the horses will speak to those same poles within you. Their programs range from substance abuse, life coaching, children’s therapy, and of course psychotherapy.


While we’re on the note of a positive relationship with animals, we might as well stress the importance of maintaining a healthy connection with nature. In today’s world, overrun with indoor activity and technology, it’s essential to spend time outdoors. Take a swim in the ocean, maybe early in the morning when all is still quite and just close your eyes and breathe. Even just spending time under an oak or a banyan will help reset your energy. Tree bathing is a thing, you know. Hit up any of our botanical gardens from Fairchild to the Kampong or Miami Beach’s gardens for a one-stop-shop.


Grief. Not much else to say other than that the heaviness of loss feels unsurmountable and it can’t be tackled alone. Even surrounded by friends and family, sometimes that just doesn’t feel like enough to help see the light at the end of it all. The Children’s Bereavement Center is a wonderful non-profit organization that offers free Peer Support Groups for children, young adults, and adult caregivers after the death of a loved one. Here’s a helpful list for numbers and hotlines to call when that can’t come soon enough.