BIG NEWS: The Listening Den is Back!

May 9, 2018admin

After years of searching for a musical escape in cities around the world, we decided to create our very own. Last year, we launched The Listening Den along with the magicians over at Ace Props Shop & Studio for true music lovers. A place where artists are heard, where their music doesn’t compete with the ringing sound of talking crowds. On one extraordinary night, the haven was launched and Miami’s music scene would never be the same.

What’s Different?

We’re so excited to announce that The Listening Den is back for the first incredible show this month! But before we get into what kind of tunes will be going down, let’s see what will be bigger and better this time around. Thanks to the amazing souls over at MINI, The Listening Den will be powered brighter than ever before. We’ll have epic installations out back including tarot, local bites, live music, and of course the classic cars.

Anyway, back to the night in question. It’s all going down on Thursday, May 24th. Yep, in two weeks! As usual, we’ll be pairing local acts for one-time-only collaborations. Starting with the lovable, indie folk outfit KIDS from neighboring Fort Lauderdale. Then comes the thrill of the night. the surf rock, doo wop, motown killers from Key West: Patrick & The Swayzees.

Who’s Playing?

After garnering local fame for their sweat-filled performances, lead singer Les Greene found himself on this season of American Idol. Instead of an outdoor dancefest, imagine catching such shining stars in an intimate, eclectic space like Ace. A place where you can really let yourself dive into the music at hand. So it will definitely be a show you won’t want to miss.

Make sure to grab your concert crew and RSVP here.