Miami Gems: Casa Florida

April 26, 2018Pola Bunster

Nowadays, vintage is the new new. Anything that nods to the simplicity and ease of yesteryear is what we’re yearning for in every experience. This scoop of low-key goodness is what makes Casa Florida so easy to swallow. Right along the banks of the Miami River, the weekend pop-up bar is filled with everything we (and our Instagram accounts) like. A re-purposed buses, a Little River Box Co. shipping container, fresh drinks bursting with flavor, and a whole lot of color.

Tropical Wonderland.

The project was created by serial restauranteurs and flavor aficionados Gaston Gonzalez and Eduardo Suarez in hopes of infusing South Florida with a little Latin-inspired Brooklyn flare. The two were looking to create the perfect post-work or weekend hang and they’ve definitely brought to life here. It’s a welcoming blend of tropical charm and timeless preservation that makes the whole experience refreshing. Not to mention the cocktails are pretty delicious.

Aptly named ‘Casa Florida’, it’s nestled adjacent to and within the now Roam co-living space, once the historic Miami River Inn. Pastel cottages of classic Florida architecture line your view and you’ve officially entered a portal through time and space. We came over on a Friday with our homegirl Hugette Montesinos, Editor of DISfunkshion Magazine for a little lush adventure. She too fawned over the tropical color palette that backdropped our meal.

Bite Into Flavor.

Although you’re really going to Casa Florida for the escape and atmosphere, the drinks and food are on par. We indulged first in libations, of course. You’ll marvel at the Canoe Club’s mix of Mezcal, ginger-serrano bitters, and fuchsia. The Sandbar is another colorful concoction this time with Cachaca sitting center stage. Then came the Pink Flamingo featuring the locally-made Miami Club Rum. Food-wise, the menu is a perfect mix of light bites that compliment your sipping. From their multiple ceviches and grilled veggies, to their sliders and hotdogs, everything hits the spot.

All in all, if you want to impress someone whether friends, family, or yourself, Casa Florida is your home away from home. After all, their motto is: “mi casa tu casa.”

Photos by: FujiFilm Girl.