Poetry 101: Reconnect to the Heart of Human Experience

April 20, 2018admin

There was once a time where poetry was the sharpest tool used to convey love, pain, hatred, and every human emotion. It was through poetry where writers and dabblers would feel free to express their true selves, safe in a universe of ink and paper. Much of the human character and psyche can be (and has been) learned through poems. Today, poetry still rings true, although not as commonly–but just as strongly.

A Life in Words.

Contemporary poets have much to speak on, even outside of personal feeling and expressions. Today, poetry fills pages with reminders that, even in a tumultous world, we cannot forget ourselves and what, inevitably, makes us human. Once such poet has conquered the country with his refreshing bridge between jazz and words: Jack Hirschman.

The award-winning poet has been celebrated around the world for his strong voice in poetry. He speaks of cultural diversity and uses his works to champion social activism. The verbal leader of the American Counterculture movement has published over 50 volumes of poetry, each one for powerful than the last. His endless commitment to activism through the written word earned him the award for Poet Laureate of San Francisco.

Experience it Live.

The story doesn’t stop there. As part of MOAD-MDC‘s Living Together campaign, Hirschman will be here in the flesh, performing the most visceral of his projects. On Saturday, April 28th, Poetry and Jazz finds him joined by Terni Jazz Orchestra Ensemble for an innovative evening of music, words, and politics. The North Beach Bandshell concert finds the poet’s distinctive voice as an integral part of original music compositions. RSVP to the free performance here.

Photo by Miami New Times