Our Favorite Places to Catch Up With an Old Friend in Miami

April 18, 2018admin

Miami’s natives are constantly moving around–whether within or outside of the city. We know you’ve heard of Miami being described as “transient” and it’s certainly not untrue. So, when an old friend comes in town, it’s our chance to both show off local treasures and re-connect. We like to curate the meeting places based on quiet vibe, activity, and general atmosphere for conversation without competition. Whether it’s an old friend or just someone you’ve been meeting to catch-up with, check out our list of low-key bonding spots:

At a Bookstore

Miami might not be as packed with literary shelves as other cities, but we do have magical bookstores peppered about the streets. Of course there’s always the Gables Books & Books courtyard for chats over wine and live music. We also love the Arsht Center location for their Monday Farmer’s Markets to get two things done at once. The younger Bookstore and Kitchen in Coconut Grove is another great option, with delicious food and highly-curated volumes.

Over Coffee & Tea

This one is obvious, but you can make it special depending on the choice. Miam Cafe is our go-to in Wynwood, with tons of light and comfy seating for a bustling vibe. Small Tea in Coral Gables provides the darker, more secluded atmosphere for a deep conversation. Threefold Cafe just up the block has the kind of menu and energy that’ll make you want to stay all day. And Panther‘s latest spot up on Biscayne Blvd is still so fresh it’s not as full as it’s other locations around the city.

Frolicking Around Parks

Much like bookstores, Miami could use more parks and outdoor walks. One of the best all-around parks in the city is hands down Margaret Pace in Edgewater. Remind your friends why Miami’s so amazing with views of Biscayne Bay, active park-goers and tons of dogs. Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove is also one of the more active green spaces in the city. Plus with a little cash, you can slurp the famous A.C.’s Icees while you walk.

With Food & Wine

Of course, any good conversation turns into an excuse for a delicious meal. Get romantic at Cafe Roval, where the dishes compete with the breathtaking vintage tavern atmosphere. Have a little nostalgic fun at Cream Parlor and laugh at the cheeky ice cream names–make sure to say hi to owners Johnny and Ainsley! If you want something quick and authentic, we suggest Wabi Sabi by Shuji for seriously impeccable Japanese sushi bowls and a clean atmosphere. Finally, for a longer conversation, let it last at Miami Ironside and Ironside Pizza.

The Actual Beach

There really is no better time to take advantage of the sand than when a friend is in town. Everyone in Miami has their own “spot” along the beach, but we like North and Surfside best. Where the sand might not be as pristine as its Southern cousin, but the crowd is definitely smaller. If you do venture to South of Fifth, make sure to hit up South Pointe Park and Pier for a special spot and view.

Photo by Ocean Drive Magazine


Sharing Cocktails

Many times catching up with a friend means alcohol needs to be involved. Hitting up a brewery is always a good idea, especially Lincoln’s Beard which is away from the Wynwood crowd and loud music. Employees Only is a perfect hidden treasure, all speakeasy and epic cocktails. Make it more special by getting you tarot read to boot. The Anderson is another great choice — head out back to the tiki hut for a tropical flare. If you want charm, Sherwoods Bistro + Bar is always a good idea especially for it’s verdant digs.

Getting Unconventional

Heading to The Standard might seem crazy, but find the secluded fire pit for a bit for bonding with a bougie hint. Sweat Records is another cool alternative, digging through bins and re-connecting over secret musical obsessions. Maybe even surprise each other with a random vinyl to clinch the friendship. And if you want the kind of culinary experience that’ll change you, Lung Yai Thai Tapas is your spot. Wait in line, sit as intimately as possible, and relish the authentic flavors. Plus Thai food in Little Havana? Doesn’t get more unconventional than that.