SOL Yoga Studio: Where Luxe + Yoga in Wynwood

April 12, 2018Andrea Flores

SOL Yoga, short for Secret oLife, is a new wellness gem dedicated to spreading feel-good vibes in Wynwood just feet away from the local brewery Veza Sur. From its pink exterior walls to their marble infused bathrooms, SOL is where luxe meets yoga.

Self-Love + Yoga = SOL

SOL Yoga Studio Founder Cathy DeFrancesco

As studio founder, Cathy DeFrancesco, experienced a few personal transitions of her own, the catchy name “Secret of Life” and the idea of spreading self-love through yoga came to fruition. Cathy expressed how yoga utterly shifted her lifestyle. “Yoga really is the secret to life. I wanted to create an accessible space for others to experience and understand this feeling on & off the mat. Everyone should feel this good always!”

A New Take on Hot Yoga

SOL Yoga Studio Wynwood

Offering a variety of (heated) yoga classes to try such as a powerful vinyasa & core flow, SOL incorporates infrared heat into their classroom. Basically, you’re in for a full body detox inside & out! It’s unlike archetypal hot yoga — (cue the scientific facts) — waves of energy release through specialized panels. This allows heat to reach beyond skin surface and into our internal organs.

Although plenty of new yogis feel intimidated to attempt hot yoga,  SOL is all-level approved. It’s a place where confidence and community is a mindset and it exudes through the roof & staff.

SOL Yoga Studio Wynwood

Feel Good Here

If duty calls after yoga, no sweat — literally! As if an invigorating practice wasn’t enough, spruce up and indulge in a self-care shower. The brightly lit (and insanely stunning) bathrooms scream “treat yo’self” upon entering. Side note: leave the travel-size bath products behind. Enjoy sorting through yoga accessories and some captivating selections of all-natural beauty & wellness elixirs.

Secret of Life Yoga in Wynwood Sol Yoga Studio in Wynwood SOL Yoga Studio Wynwood

The first week is on the house and it doesn’t get better than a newbie on the block serving us with a complimentary service (especially yoga). Roll out your mat, release those built-up toxins and simply feel good here. Namaste, Miami!