Jackson Hall: The First Wellness-Focused Food Hall

April 5, 2018Pola Bunster

Just when you thought the Yard team couldn’t get any better, think again. They’ve embarked on a revolutionary culinary endeavor: the first U.S. wellness-focused food hall in an institutional healthcare setting. Jackson Hall will be transforming what was once a run-of-the-mill food court into a destination for great quality food. Finally, healthier options will be available and affordable to the over 65,000 residents who work and visit the area daily.

A Food Revolution.

As the foremost area for physical health and recovery, the Miami Medical District has had little to no options for high-quality food. They’ve been thrust with lower-than-average options for far too long and Jackson Hall will be a huge step forward in repairing it. The food hall will be entirely devoid of processed and fried foods, preservatives and artificial flavorings. It will push natural, fresh, local, and organic ingredients to the forefront.

For both hospital visitors and staff, Jackson Hall will offer everything from grab-and-go options and fresh flowers, as well as a delivery service right to your room or office. You’ll even be able to pick up fresh flowers from local vendors too! Choose items geared towards specific recoveries and ailments at the elixir and kombucha bar by Radiate Apothecary. Or have a seat and trade in a book at the Positivity Library in collaboration with Books & Books.

The additional five food concepts are equally as delicious and well-rounded. For those fans of The Wynwood Yard, you’ll find your plant-based favorites like della bowls as you walk in. The Charcoal Rotisserie will feature mouth-watering grilled options from veggies and fowl on the Josper Grill. Dig into the freshest seafood around at Little Island Poke Shop or classic Mediterranean flavors at Levante. At the Leo + Bloom Deli, you’ll be able to try Eastern European fare like sandwiches and soups made fresh in-house daily.

Beyond the Bites.

Jackson Hall is more than just the food and flavors it will house. It’s an opportunity for the community to experience the efforts of multiple local artisans and entrepreneurs at once. See local murals on the walls by Chalk & Brush and Unconventional, planters by Little River Cooperative, and crafted concepts by Little River Box Co. Even the architectural remnants of St. Pete’s Biltmore Hotel add a great touch of Florida flare. At Jackson Hall, you’ll be served food for the soul with a side of heartwarming efforts by your very own Miami peers.

The food hall opens on Tuesday, April 17th and will be open 11am – 7pm daily. Eventually, it will offer breakfast and catering options as well. RSVP to the grand opening jam with tunes, interactive moments, and of course food here.