Things To Do in Miami in the Springtime

March 19, 2018admin

Happy first day of Spring! For us, late March – early June is one of our favorite times of year. It’s stuck in between the hustle of Winter and the sticky, slow-moving days of Summer. It’s also a great time of year to get more active and explore our vibrant home in South Florida. There’s great things going on this upcoming season, so here’s our favorite things to do in the springtime:

Carry an Umbrella.

First things first, be prepared. Spring can be a beautiful time, but it can also be unpredictable weather-wise. One week can be cool and dry with rain and humidity to follow close behind, and locals know this well. So don’t be afraid to carry an umbrella or consider it before leaving your house.

Visit The Keys.

Spring is also a great time to do some local traveling or weekend stays (post-MMW, of course). It’s stuck in a sort of seasonal limbo where the snowbirds have chilled and prices are still affordable. It’s the perfect chance to head to The Keys for a getaway and enjoy its perks for half the price. Florida Keys Brewing or Islamorada Brewing are on the way.

Photo By: Vacation Idea

Jam to Music.

In the spirit of festival season ramping up, it’s a great time to catch big names around town. From the international acts heading our way for Miami Music Week, to a buzzing concert lineup. Enjoy the last bit of bearable weather and head to places like The Wynwood Yard or NWS WALLCASTs to take in the outdoor jams.

Boats On Boats.

Spring is also when the beaches start to get hot and crowded once again, even after the break. Taking advantage of the warmer water and the less cool wind, it’s a great time to take out the boat. Or mooch off of that one friend of a friend who’s got it. Pair it with your favorite local snacks, and it’s pretty much the most perfect day.

Photo By Atlantic Yacht & Ship

Garden Strolls.

Although our native foliage stays pretty vibrant all year, there are some special blooms in the spring. Heading to Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden or the like is a great thing to do for some tree bathing. Catch the famed Rainbow Eucalyptus at is brilliant peak, or head to Morikami Museum and Gardens for something foreign.

Photo By Miami and The Beaches

Go Thrifting.

When it does rain, or when it starts to get hot, might we suggest something other than going to the movies? Head to the depths of Hialeah or even Fort Lauderdale for some of the best thrift stores around. You can pick between vintage furniture or racks on racks of clothes from every decade.

Photo By Like Hack

Explore Homestead.

Homestead and The Redlands are always a good idea, but especially in the spring. It’s the last chance to snag the famed Knaus Berry Farm cinnamon rolls before they’re closed for the summer. It’s also peak strawberry and tomato picking season so head to U-pick with the family. Or you can always explore new harvest, fruits, and favors at Robert is Here.

Photo By Miami and The Beaches