Our Most Anticipated Albums of 2018

March 19, 2018Ana Rojo

We’re only a few months into 2018 and we’ve already been graced with some highly anticipated albums from Rhye and MGMT to even David Byrne. There’s still so much we are looking forward to and even more to discover. To get you as excited, we’ve compiled a few of the records we can’t wait to play on repeat:

Grimes, TBA

The avant-garde singer has been teasing fans that her latest albums is “almost finished” and is nothing like her previous work. It’s been a while since Grimes‘ last album Art Angels, which took a much different turn than her previous three. She’s taking more of a pop sound so it will be interesting to see what her fifth album will sound like.

Arctic Monkeys, TBA

Five years seems to be a pattern of silence between which many artists record a new album. Arctic Monkeys‘ last release was nearly half a decade ago and was filled with that British rock we’ve all come to love. This year, the rock band will be gracing us with a new release, reportedly out in May. What we expect is a lot of catchy tunes and that passion only the Arctic Monkeys can deliver.

Frank Ocean, TBA

After waiting almost five years for blond after Channel Orange and receiving false release dates in order to further tease the music world, Frank Ocean has said he is working on a new record that is slated to be released some time this year. We have just only come down from the blond high and can now only hope this isn’t too good to be true and we will be blessed with another Ocean album and hopefully a tour to come with it.

Blood Orange, TBA

Dev Hynes has slowly been turning out snippets of his upcoming fourth album on his social media. We know something big is in the works. One of the most talented artists out there, we know this album will continue to show his growth. With this musical project, he’ll surprise not only his fans but the music world.

Vampire Weekend, TBA

Sunny days and lounging at parks in cool New England weather, that’s what Vampire Weekend evokes for us. Their very first release still reigns as one of our favorite albums of all time, and their subsequent releases haven’t disappointed. Another five years have passed since a new release, and we can’t wait to see where the American rock band will take us this time.

Childish Gambino, TBA

After recently signing a deal with RCA, we can probably guess that a new album is in the works for this year. After releasing the acclaimed Awaken My Love! in 2016, Donald Glover is still riding that high with a new album in the horizon.

CHVRCHES, Love Is Dead

We’ve got some more info than the rest for the British Indie-pop band, CHRVCHES, upcoming release. We know it’s set to drop in May and is called Love Is Dead. We also know that it’s going to feature Matt Berninger of The National. It’ll present the band in a more honest light and gives them a new opportunity to take musical risks.

Beach House, 7

Beach House recently released two singles off their upcoming album which they titled 7, “Lemon Glow” and “Dive.” It’s set to be released May 11. The band has been going in different directions so it will be interesting to see what this new record will sound like.