World Music Spotlight: Ils Sont Partis Band

March 12, 2018admin

Miamians are no strangers to a blending of cultures, and especially those that influence artistic expression. When we think of Zydeco music, we recognize the sound of a shifting landscape with the unrelenting tie to roots. That blend of Creole and blues so specific to Southwest Louisiana is unparalleled and a key player in preserving that area’s history. One necessary voice that rises above the rest is the Ils Sont Partis Band.

Keeping The Legend Alive.

Once the frequent backers and collaborators of the legendary Stanley “Buckwheat” Dural, Jr., Ils Sont Partis keeps his mastery alive today. For 30+ years, the GRAMMY Award-winning outfit has amplified the Zydeco ambassador’s legacy around the world. No other zydeco artist has come close to selling as many records or exposing the music to more people around the world. From performing at the 1996 Olympics to both President Clinton’s Inaugurals, they are musical royalty. Any chance to catch this vestige of micro-culture can’t be missed.

Guess what? You will have a chance, and sooner than you think. As usual, the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center has come through with something epic. On Saturday, March 24th, they’re bringing the Ils Sont Partis Band to their Beer and Music Backyard Festival! Joined by Miami’s Latin funk fusion band, Electric Piquete they’ll be jamming on the Center’s Backyard Concert Lawn. Take in the colorful tunes with local beers and delicious grub. Buy your tickets here. Use the code BAM18 for buy one-get one free on GA tickets.