Thirdstory Shines in Debut Album “Cold Heart”

March 12, 2018Pola Bunster

If you haven’t already fawned over Thirdstory and their intricate harmonies, now’s the time. The NY-based trio known for gorgeously stripped down covers of chart hits like Taylor Swift’s “Style” and Sam Smith’s “I’m Not The Only One,” has finally given our souls some original nourishment. On the heels of their viral videos, Thirdstory released Cold Heart, a beautifully packaged debut album that lives up to their already established hype.

Three Men, One Voice.

For artists whose acclaim has revolved around covers, it’s never easy to carve your own path. Unsurprisingly though, Thirdstory hasn’t disappointed with Cold Heart. The debut album ultimately has given us a glimpse of their production and song-writing prowess like never before. Yet it still quenches the vocal desires of long-standing fans. No smoke and mirrors are needed here with voices as stunning as theirs. And they have three of them, each one as beautiful alone as they are together.

When sitting back and listening, one word immediately comes to mind: versatility. Tracks like “Hit The Ceiling” and “G Train” show a darker, more rhythmic quality you don’t get in their acoustic counterparts. The raw emotions of “On and On” and “Only Love” send your knees wobbling as these guys are usually apt to do. And although tracks like “Searching For a Feeling” present a heavier production, their passionate crescendoes are inimitable regardless.

Quality Control.

The very concept of three guys who can harmonize as smooth as butter and sing the pants off anything might not be new. But we guarantee that no one is doing it as wonderfully as these three gentlemen. You just can’t beat Elliot’s charming rasp and Ben’s mature control. Or even the feeling of surprise every single time you hear Richard’s insane range. Together Thirdstory is a juggernaut of forceful musicality sprinkled with some serious cool and class. The three of them have been serving up feasts for our ears for a while now, and Cold Heart is another delicious serving you just can’t pass up.