Classical Music for Millennials 101

March 7, 2018admin

When we think of classical music, a younger audience isn’t what first comes to mind. Like any art form with traditional ties, it’s making strong moves to stay alive for today’s tech-driven listeners. Ballet, fine art, and even poetry have made strides to stay relevant and classical music has followed suit. Whether it’s innovative compositions, cross-pollinating media, or reviving musical favorites in other genres, classical music has made its point that it can thrive deep into the new millennium.

How to Stay Relevant.

It’s not about a battle between the purists and the forward-thinkers. It’s a collective effort to expand the entire genre and explore untouched territories through the music many generations have loved. To ensure the survival of these traditional realms, this uncomfortable curiosity has to become the norm. Celebrated composer Samuel Adams, whose works have premiered everywhere from San Francisco to Carnegie Hall, knows this. His work, many words of love, crosses genres by taking inspiration from everything from Schubert to J-Pop. His compositions are dynamic, intense, and never fail to drop your attention.

For many years, classical music has waited to break the very boundaries it built up itself. It has been discovering new ways to connect to wider audiences and make the very music more accessible. Another contemporary composer that takes this into account is Brooklyn-based composer and pianist Timo Andres. The celebrated musician knows that to create an authentic experience between audience and performer, it all has to be personal. His recently released concerto for two pianos is as personal as it gets. Inspired by the greats that molded him into the composer he is today, he sees his pieces as an extension of his body. This detail hasn’t gone unnoticed by the younger listeners flocking to these premieres.

Here at Home.

If you don’t believe these proclamations, why don’t you give it a chance yourself? The New World Symphony, is bringing both of these composers on March 31st. SOUNDS OF THE TIMES: JOHN ADAMS AND THE SOUNDS OF AMERICA is a perfect reason to give classical music a chance, if you haven’t already. Proving themselves as our very own soundboard for innovative performances, make sure to support them and grab your tickets.