Gumbo Limbo Experiment: Your New Favorite Party

March 6, 2018admin

Not often do we get a reason to celebrate art for the sake of celebrating it. Miami’s own Richie Hell and his wife, artist Francisca Oyhanarte may have just proven otherwise. What started as a record label has turned into one big creative experience for the soul. With their Gumbo Limbo Experiment, they’ve found a way to blend performance, music, and visual art into one big underground party. And it’s all dedicated to the 305.

A Native Art.

It all starts with the Gumbo Limbo. A native to South Florida, the Gumbo Limbo is also named “the tourist tree” for its peeling bark that resembles sunburnt tourists. The name itself is musical, and seemed a perfect fit for Richie Hell to baptize his record label. Just like the city it was formed in, the Gumbo Limbo label is a place where non-traditional sounds, cultures, and art forms can thrive. In this case, those that don’t fit within the confines of electronic music.

After several releases, Hell teamed up with his wide to create the Gumbo Limbo Experiment. The project became a caveat through which they could perfect their live performances. Being a celebrated visual artist, Oyhanarte too was disillusioned with the typical art gallery presentation. She used the Gumbo Limbo Experiment as a place to explore new ways of exhibiting her pieces.

Coming Soon.

Last year, the couple launched their first party in a Little River warehouse to a successful crowd. Industry veterans, curious locals, and people from all walks of life found a new home for expression. We’re talking inflatable art pieces, colorful lighting installations, and a whole lot of music in one place. The time has come for yet another magical moment, and the second Gumbo Limbo Experiment is bound to be even more ground-breaking for Miami.

In the coming weeks, keep your eyes out for a Gumbo Limbo Experiment going down. The couple have promised jaw-breaking performances from live artists and international DJ sets along with other surprises. Of course, a live show by Richie Hell is to be expected, as well as a complete spacial takeover by Oyhanarte.

Photos by Majo Ruiz.