Prism’s Guide to Okeechobee Music Festival

February 28, 2018admin

Music shouldn’t be the sole focus of a festival. If you’ve been to the likes of Bonnaroo you’ll know that it’s the all-around experience that turns a newcomer into a veteran. From set production to a separate schedule of non-music related activities, this weekend’s Okeechobee Music Festival has got it right. They understand exactly what it’s like to build a lasting connection for every type of art-seeker.

They call it the “Cultural Epicenter” and honestly, once you see what they have in store at The Moonlight Oasis, you’ll understand why. This is the magnet that draws each soul to disconnect from daily stress and connect to your six senses. It’s the surrounding experiences that pair perfectly withe the main stages inside. It invites you to express yourself freely and give yourself the joy you deserve. Because happiness is always an option in life and at Okeechobee.

Chobeewobee Village

Within the Moonlight Oasis is this mystical intersection of weird and wonderful. In their own words, it’s “curated to feed the soul; inspire creativity, community, and connectedness. ChobeeWobee is a collection of communities all brought together to create a neighborhood to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.” Filled with every kind of immersive experience you can imagine, this will quickly become your favorite spot in the festival.

During the day, jam to celestial sounds and participate in classes or watch improv and open mic performances. At night, you’ll fall under the spell of vibrant live artists and masters in the worlds of VR, light design, sound creation, and more. Did we mention it was multi-sensory?


This is also where you’ll find your premiere destination for re-centering your entire being: Yogachobee.
Its name gives away a big part of its nature. With workshops by some of the best leaders around. Get acro or find the kind of deep stretching you need after spending continuous hours on your feet. The Healing Sanctuary in the same spiritual commune will cover all things holistic like Thai massages, muscular explorations, and even early morning sound healing. Your path to self discovery starts here.


The entire festival grounds spans multiple terrains. Forest, plain, and even beach–that’s where Aquachobee comes in. Think: the best summer BBQ you’ve ever had meets a deserted tropical island with epic music. A Waterworld wonderland. During the day, you’ll find the wooden sanctuaries and shady geometric coves a welcoming escape. At night, you’ll have your mind blown by things like water screen light installations and hydrodynamic artistry. Don’t forget to hop on the ferris wheel.

Things to Consider:

1. Start with the comfiest walking shoes you own. We know you want to keep you festy-style hot but don’t overlook those feet. Some campsites can be nearly a mile away from the main stage, and after going back and forth all weekend, those toes will thank you.

2. It might get hot during the day, but last year’s temperatures dropped at night. Make sure to back for both ends of the spectrum so you’re always good.

3. Something to block the dust from your nostrils. Believe us when we mean you don’t want to be sneezing up dirt for a week.

4. Baby wipes. Some people are avid shower-takers at festivals, but there’s so much to do at Okeechobee that a quick wipe can suffice.

5. Water bottle. They have kindly provided tons of filling stations all around the grounds. No need to generate waste by buying plastic bottles every time you hit the bar.

6. Your 90s hip hop gear. You’ll need if for when you catch Snoop Dogg at the PoWoW.

7. A onesie. Okeechobee’s annual onesie party is famous, so don’t be that guy.

8. Your yoga mat. Even if you’re not big into the activity, it’s a relaxing place to just be around. Soothe your soul and just sit and listen if you want, or get into the stretch.

9. A totem. We’re usually not big fans of the distracting things, but Okeechobee’s pretty big and you don’t want to get lost. Be creative and just make sure you can put it away easily so as to not disrupt anyone’s view of the stage.

10. An open mind. Seriously, there’s some crazy stuff there. Awesome, but crazy.

Don’t forget to snag your tickets! You have one day left to take the plunge.